What We Learned in 2020

I guess we learned not do that again.

By the BJBSJournal staff

Twenty years of combined success is no match for the yappa-yappa-yappa.

Winning over Red Sox fans is easy, even easier than winning a trade war with China!

Gary Tanguay self-identifies as an actor.

A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.

Helicopters can’t fly through mountains.

DJ Bean is even less talented at songwriting than he is at hot taking.

You can’t even joke around about slitting people’s throats anymore. The fuck is this world coming to?

Tyreek Hill has great body language, thus is clearly a great guy.

Atlanta just hits different.

Trenni really needs the NBCSN makeup department to live in her condo.

Dame and Spida. The future of #ThisLeague.

A hatter on retainer does not a QB make.

The Massachusetts State Police has a Twitter Hijinks division.

Pasta is a good kid.

There were new definitions for hospital balls and RPO’s

Chaim can absolutely cook. He just needs someone to turn the stove on for him on Saturdays.

We’ve apparently been in a FAKE DROUGHT since 2015.

Luke Voit is simply a naturally talented power hitter.

A significant portion of readers of The Athletic are utterly fascinated by the intersection of sports and pop culture, but only if it happened fifty to eighty years ago.

The Red Sox ownership group will gladly admit in a statement their fans are racist, if it will lead to smidgen of social justice clout.

That’s a mushroom cloud. That’s atomic.

Charlotte Wilder could teach a killer master class on the anatomy of a joke.

Neither WEEI management nor Gary Tanguay understand what ‘getting fired’ means.

It isn’t an act. Ben Volin really is that dumb.

The Red Sox traded likable, League MVP winning Mookie Betts for sketchy Alex Verdugo, and they expect you to be fine with that.

Tanya Ray Fox lost followers this year.

Richard Dietsch is reading this right now. Because I typed out the words ‘Richard Dietsch.’

Bro’s before Ho’s. *(Unless that Ho is Evan Lazar.)

Ted Sarandis has a powerful legal team.

34 passing yards is actually good. Grind the tape and you’d know, dummy.

Danny Ainge is a Mormon, and is on the hot seat.

Although he didn’t coach last year, #FireCora

Elle Duncan is Black.

You can fix depression with a $200 alarm clock.

Bob Ryan discovered Twix Bars.

Jimmy Murphy is ready to fight, and he wants YOU to know it.

Linda Pizutti Henry is qualified to be the CEO of Boston Globe Media Corp.

WWIIFelger was Derek Chauvin, basically.

Apparently, Jon Meterparel still lives in the area.

Cam knows he has to play better.

Chris Gasper doesn’t like it when you correctly call out his sophistry.

There were two professional lacrosse leagues, since merged into one.

Cancel culture can’t be all bad if it got rid of Swishy Andelman.

All NBA reporters everywhere work every Christmas, and deserve your respect.

OMG first Brady now Chara!

2020 began with Marisa Ingemi employed and ended with Marisa Ingemi employed. In like a lamb, out like a lion.

BJBSJ. Had it first.

Ramones Time, Right Now, In This Town.

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