01/06/2021 Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

Good kids. Not as good as Pasta, though. Good, I said. With a ‘d’.

The good news is, I’m now eligible to cohost CNN’s 2022 New Year’s Eve broadcast.

I never got the chance to call him Big Z.

Can’t wait for the statue of Coach Peterson deciding to put Sudfeld in.

Reminder that BJBSJ is a news gathering association of concerned citizens.

Make sure you let a local random D-level media member know who will likely be a head coach in the future.

Anyways John Dennis says hi. Just kidding: he doesn’t want to talk to any of you anjerks.

Down by contact? Feh! Hold onto the ball.

Ready for hysterical meme of the swearing white kid Celtics fan growing up to be Pritchard. Hold on to your socks for that one.

The media being all giddy over coaches being fired is why we don’t care when one of the media loses their job.

Cakes are cooking for Darlene Hard, Ian Millar, Nancy Lopez, Howie Long, and Gabrielle Reece.

News Item: Bianca Smith Hired by Red Sox as First Female Hitting Coach in MLB History. “I shouldn’t have to tell you what’s wrong with your swing, you should just know.”

I’m glad that nice Table lady lady got some good publicity with this Leo visit. I heard she couldn’t make rent last month!

Dame is the Venom to Steph’s Spidey.

One of my favorite Mike Reiss quirks is his referring to questioners by their Twitter handle: ‘Thanks @PebblyBallLicker173, great question about the 2009 Patriots team.’

Didn’t realize the Celtics drafted John Stockton. At least the overhype train didn’t die with Tommy.

I hope the “Running Up the Score” police were dispatched to Buffalo. That’s two weeks in a row now.

It might be better to just say who the Red Sox AREN’T interested in. #letchaimcook

Tara Sullivan’s postgame questions to both Belichick and Newton were idiotic. Belichick had to make her repeat it because it made no sense.

That post you thought you saw early New Year’s Day? An example of the Mandela Effect. Any alleged proof? Photoshopped.

Whither Smaven?

Poor Tanya Roberts got the dead-alive-dead again Pat Burns treatment.

Cam isn’t going to apologize for winning the Ron Hobson Media Good Guy Award!

Some of them songs on Bruce’s last album trend toward self-parody.

It was supposed to be a seamless transition!

You know what else is tacky as fuck, Jen Royle? Saying something is tacky as fuck.

Hey Gangnam Gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is ‘The internet is not forever.” And the alternate Phrase is “This ice cube tastes funny.”

Wait, Steph can’t be Spidey. Spida has to be Spidey.

John Elway? He’s now a Figurehorsehead. hic!

Mr. Tillman, for the seventh time,
We have no knowledge of a film that is being shot outside.
Those aren’t extras in a movie; they’re our clientele.
No, they aren’t running lines and they aren’t exactly thrilled.
Would you like a Regalo on the patio?
Is there someone we can call?
Perhaps you shouldn’t drink alone.

Senator Harris forgot the ‘everyone clapped’ stinger at the end of her ‘Fweedom’ story.

Pete King once again invokes “weird” to describe something out of the ordinary. A real wordsmith.

NHL sells naming rights for divisions to corporate sponsors Scotia, Honda, Discover, and MassMutual.

Mini waffle maker!

Dee Virgin is the best name since Stubby Clapp.

Nice win, U.S. Juniors. Real nice.

Has Gerry Callahan ever tweeted something where you go, “Wow, that’s an unexpected take!”?

People who discount Katie Nolan as nothing more than big tits and a smirk are forgetting about her terrific ass.

Deep discount tire stores have fewer retreads than Boston sports radio.

Honk if you remember Clay Matthews the Elder.

Eighteen years, Ye. Eighteen years.

Crazy Eyes Nick Casiero to become Houston Texans new GM. Has Deshaun Watson been spotted at the Hertz counter at Logan yet?

Andy Gresh has been granted his release?

Best bet for the weekend: Brady and Gronk rolling over a tomato can on Saturday night.

Bruins playing in the MassMut East Division?

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesBSMW, and #the15 were used in this columnHappy New Year.

Sorry for the big Mutnansky face pic. Here’s one of Tanya Roberts as a palate cleanser.

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