01/13/2021 A Very Carefully Worded Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer

U.S. President Donald Trump smiles after presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Boston Celtics legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Bob Cousy in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., August 22, 2019. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque – RC122C28C900

Yes, but Cousy accepting the Medal is different. Okay.

I wish I got excited about anything as much as hockey writers do about who is elected the team captain.

Bedard’s gone full QSZN Twitter.

Everyone on Twitter fully embarrassing themselves today.

Did you know George Blanda looked worse at age 43 than Tom Brady does?

Fake Season 2, Hardwood Boogaloo is underway.

Cakes are cooking for Bob Baffert, Mark O’ Meara, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Suggs, and Kelly Boucher.

Blue checkmark outrage profiteers are gonna blue checkmark outrage profiteer.

News Item: Bruins to retire Willie O’Ree’s #22. Red Sox counter by doubling the decorations budget for the October “Pumpkins With Pumpsie” dance.

Manish on with the 98.5 Morning Zookeepers? What’s on tap for next week, an interview with somebody who was kicked off the Phoenix Suns beat?

I guess Ultra Slim Fast doesn’t make you immortal.

Wearing an easily identifiable article of clothing during the commission of a crime seems like a bad idea. Marvin Barnes could have told some of the insurrectionists that. But Marvin is dead, so you’d need a time machine. And Marvin ain’t getting in no damn time machine.

Air frying kielbasa? What?

Loud helicopters!

Bruce Arians always looks like he’s carrying a colostomy bag with him.

Evander Kane forced to declare Bedardruptcy?

His Twitter name is ‘Transient Existence’. We should have seen his return coming. We cheerfully retract our RIP message. Aloha!

Why are chicken pot pies in four locations in Market Basket? Inefficient!

Add ‘flexible ankles’ to Lazar’s Dictionary of Sports Nonsenses.

Who the hell is Alden Blaho?

How would moi..fix the targeting rule..in college football..1) if the same player gets called for it twice in one game ..then he is disqualified..instead of once However..2) if it is the result of launching and or headhunting..then if its first offense..sinaria

A Livestrong bracelet in 2018 is an interesting choice.

Blehhhh!! Passive voice!! Blehhhhh!!!

Pence has an Oedipal complex and Trump has whatever the opposite of that is.

TITTPT. #OldBoard

A down season for NE, but Pittsburgh is unable to capitalize? Sad!

What does virology mean to you, Kyrie?

In personal news I bought new winter boots. So if it doesn’t snow again this season, you’ll know who’s responsible.

It’s been so long, since I’ve seen her face.
You say she’s doing fine. I still recall a sad cafe.
How it hurt so bad to see her cry; .I didn’t want to say good-bye
Send her my love, memories remain. Send her my love, roses never fade.
Send her my love.

Hey gang, this week’s Phrase that Pays is ‘carefully-drafted statement.’

Roll Tide: you took what was yours.

So Linda’s frontyard were store-bought big fakies? Talk about deceit bordering on un-sportsmanlike, to borrow a phrase from the late Clark Booth.

No trading Benny Blockchain away!!

Actually, Steve Trevor would be familiar with both escalators and subways, as they existed since the 19th century. Patty.


Ol’ Rex wouldn’t turn down a Medal of Freedom, no siree! He’ll tell ya that much!

The answer is always Clark Booth. But, what’s the question?

NHL is back, baby!

Honk if you remember Bill Ayers.

Now we won’t have to dognap Nike or call in a bomb threat to the Nantucket airport. Whew!

You put some respect on Jonathan Cain’s name.

Red Sox? In on everyone!

Happy 40th year on the air, Matty in the Morning.

Best bet for the weekend: the broadcast mentioning Brees and Brady’s ages.

Happier times with the girls.

material from interviews, wire services, Twitter, other writers, league and team sourcesBSMW, Fwamingham Matt and #the15 were used in this column.


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