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Stop mansplaining death to me. My grandmother died when I was 3 and Johny Pesky also died. I’ve been dropping tears for years.

Through out my life, (insert deceased person who I have never mentioned before in my life) has always encompassed all of my personal beliefs and I’ve always loved (him/her/them). I’m broken.

(Add sloppily fitting anecdote)

(Profit? Doesn’t matter. Dad has the bill)

(Something something something Brock Holt’s kid)

(A bunch of words, something, more words, Mitch Moreland and Devers looks young)

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At all.


#BJBSJ EXCLUSIVE: The Chris Sale Contract Numbers Breakdown


Poor Pawtucket Louie


Why Did Sirius Scrub Stern?

File under: Seaword

I’m not one of those dickheads who cries about Stern changing while playing the old “remember when game”. I mean, I’m certainly a dickhead, I’m just not that kind of dickhead. I catch almost all the Stern shows and absolutely love Sternthology and the compilations they put together. I even listen to the wrapup show with Gary Del’abate, Jan Hein & Rashawn and I’ve been known to get lost for hours down Stern show rabbit holes on YouTube.

Let’s face some basic facts together. Times have changed and some of the changes are progression and some are not. I am not remotely upset that Gary the Conqueror & Wendy the Slow Adult are the new monikers for 2 of the greatest wackpackers in history. Many fans point to the moniker changes as Howard bowing down to PC culture. I don’t see it. At all. We don’t need to disparage people with disabilities for shits and giggles and that’s generally recognized by everyone.

Many people on social media have pointed to the hiring of “Marci Turk” years back as the catalyst for all the change. Maybe. Maybe I don’t give a fuck. Maybe she’s the reason the show is still on and still funny. Maybe she’s the reason Howard Stern hasn’t had the modern day outrage profiteers like Deadspin attacking him or his sponsors. Years past it was the religious right and the FCC that stalked his every turn.

Howard announced this past that he’d authored a new book, “Howard Comes Again”, his first in 20 or so years. Upon hearing the news Wendy Williams tossed a few digs Howard’s way, claiming that he’d changed. Well let me tell you old friend, if he had changed it was not evident in what transpired after Howard heard the clip.

Howard flipped tits and went on a glorious rant that used the “cunt” word many many times over. This “cunt” word, for some reason, offends so many and it’s why I love it. Generally speaking, swearing is a social construct and being offended is a learned behavior. It’s also, generally speaking, a “cunt” behavior. The Seaword is a genderless insult so save your misogynistic claims and your desperate tears Stuttering John, you whiney “cunt”.

You can find the audio in all its glory right here:

Backup link of video HERE

Normally this isn’t remotely blog worthy. Normally I wouldn’t give 2 shits about this. I would have laughed at the segment and moved on, but this time was different. For some reason the audio has been completely scrubbed from the record, like it never happened. I can’t imagine a valid reason to edit radio on satellite radio. Frankly, I’m nervous that “cunts” have cancelled the “cunt” word.

Viva la seaword!


Happy St. Patty’s Day


Breaking: Colonel Callahan Receives Another Medal

Citation: Colonel Gerry Callahan, United States Microphone Corps, distinguished himself by actions above and beyond the call of duty on 3 October 2018, while serving as a Radio Sniper, United States Microphone Special Board Operations Command with Task Force Maggot in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Colonel Callahan’s radio sniper team provided precision fire takes from the lead microphone during an assault on listener ears by a libtard caller all the while subjected to intense automatic caller ID masking software and without the aid of a dump button.

When Colonel Callahan learned that additional reinforcements were not immediately available to secure his tenuously held position, he and another radio radio sniper unhesitatingly volunteered to gang up on the caller, shouting him down and demand that he answer the binary and reductive question in a “yes or no” manner. He did all of this despite being well aware of the growing number of enemy radio personnel closing in on his ratings, even when you add in the Providence numbers.

After learning that his former partner requested insertion to his location, Colonel Callahan unhesitatingly signed a confession statement agreeing to not talk badly about the enemy, bravely sending his former partner to exile on the app. Equipped only with a mass of wild contradictions and a Whiny Baby Voice, Colonel Callahan fought his way through the winter ratings book; finishing as the second highest rated sports radio morning drive radio show in Boston. Colonel Callahan’s extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest standards of radio service and reflect great credit upon him, his unit and the United States Microphone Corps.

He is hereby promoted, effective immediately, to Brevet Postmaster General.

(Report provided by Mike on Route 1)


The Globe’s Football Guy Doesn’t Know Shit About Football, Episode 9,412

Great rack though. No offense

Oh Mittens

When Sports Radio Is Life…..


Report: Mike Felger Has Forbidden Tony Mazz To Think For Himself

Sources within the walls have confirmed what we have all known for a long time. Michael Felger has forbidden Tony Massarotti from forming takes on his own. All stances are scripted in the preshow communications with producers and Felger has the final say. Tony is growing tired of current situation but sees no way out. Is Tony the saddest and most pathetic parrot in Boston sports media? I’m just asking by the question, Mike!