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BJBSJ I-Team: The Latest on Greg Bedard Leaving Las Vegas

As usual, it seems Greg Bedard is telling Almost The Truth.

Yesterday, the BJBSJ I-Team reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s confirmation that Greg Bedard was no longer employed and refused further comment.

As recently as yesterday, Bedard had ‘NFL writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal’ in his Twitter bio. The Journal Review did not have Bedard listed as a columnist.

A Las Vegas source tells BJBSJ today that Bedard was fired by the Journal-Review for “insubordination” and dissatisfaction with his social media posts. The source believes Bedard was fired on Monday, January 20th (13 days before the Super Bowl), which would make sense as Bedard did not attend Super Bowl LIV or take part in Radio Row in Miami the week before the game. His last Review-Journal column was posted on 1/12/20. Bedard kept his LVRJ reference in his Twitter bio until BJBSJ’s report yesterday.

On Saturday, January 25 in a Boston Sports Journal members chat – 5 days after our source says Bedard was fired by the Review-Journal – Bedard was asked about his LVRJ work and responded cryptically.

That same day on Twitter, he boasted about his indefatigable work ethic:

This constant #Cullening makes complete sense, as Bedard is a former Globie.

While Bedard has removed LVRJ completely from his Twitter profile, his profile still refers to his other former media employers:

What happened in the 2.5 months Almost-A-Longterm Employee Bedard worked at the LVRJ to have him scrub his time there from his employment history? What is Almost-A-Cullen hiding?

We’ll continue to dig.

While Charred Finn plans Alex Verdugo’s Welcome Party, BJBSJ has it first.

Oh, Greg? Hi.


Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist Greg Bedard? I don’t see it. At all.

Friend of BJBSJ @bucknerslegs tweeted earlier today that Greg Bedard no longer works for the Las Vegas Review Journal, and it checks out as of 5:17pm ET on the Las Vegas Review Journal:

BJBSJ has confirmed with the Review-Journal newsroom this afternoon that Bedard is no longer an employee.  At all.  Bedard’s last piece for the LVRJ was posted on 1/12/20.

Bedard, the Not So Grand Poobah of the unlamented and unremarkable Boston Sports Jourinal has repeatedly come under fire since starting his Hyperlocal Vanity Project in 2017. The most recent criticisms for spinning ripping yarns for disarming convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez (presumably due to boredom) came from Barstool Sports’ Kirk Minihane Show.  Minihane’s discovery of Bedard’s serial #Cullening has also been a subject on the Entitled Town Podcast, hosted by Dave Brown of the Concord Monitor and I. 

It’s also noteworthy that Bedard’s investigation into hiring virulent homophobe and racist Mike Loyko appears to have, much like his working capital, petered out.

Bedard may still be #cullening, becuse as of 6pm ET today, he still has LVRJ in his profile:

While Charred Finn leads a rendition of “Sweet Caroline” at Truck Day, BJBSJ has it first. Again.


Boston Sports Media: The Weak In Review

The joyful celebration you heard last Monday at 10:05AM ET was Toucher and Rich popping champagne.

That’s because the re-packaged Hillman Show emerged from the Entercom Worcester Witless Protection Program after being placed on the forward deck of Sinking Ship Dot Com. It’s the audio equivalent of an expired package of Ex-Lax in the back of your medicine cabinet: it hasn’t aged well.

Toucher and Rich, But Dumber is bland, humorless, and uninspired, so while it may be Murchison/Leung/John Henry approved, it’s insulting to anyone looking for a respite from Touch and Rick’s Mega Zoinks in the Morning. Greg Salk is detached and uninterested in his show, giving him something in common with the listener. Bland and formulaic, Sleepy Salkie’s show is based on an antiquated template, the same template used on fourth-tier shows in fifth-tier markets. If you buy a generic brand of waxed beans and rip off the label, you can hardly tell the difference between Sleepy Salkie’s Show and the 15th rated show in Anytown, USA.

Social media hasn’t been kind to The Artist Formerly Known as Hillman:

The Completely and Totally Marginalized Alex Reimer was removed from timeout following his hissy-fit after being benched to issue a PR Release disguised as a Media Column. I’ll save you the click, but his “Get to Know Greg Hill” piece is predictably a trainwreck. Teenage Blogboy Hammerin’ Ryan Hannable would find this kindergarten level schlock embarrassing:

The level of excitement Sleepy Salkie demonstrates for the move to EEI jumps off the page:

Moving to Magic 106.7 makes sense. David Alan Salkie + Enya + Sade = radio gold!

The Pissant’s piece is a hostage tape in interview form. Unfortunately, Hillman declaring that his captors are treating him well and providing him three square meals a day was edited out.

Rabbit-Eared Hillman took to the Twitter machine to fire back at critics… until suits at Entercom put the kibosh on the most energy Low T Salkie showed all week. If nothing else, Greg Salk is a good company man.

Every lineup needs a ninth-place hitter, and WEEI has theirs. Fire up the email service blast to discuss the latest news from Sheboygan!

My prediction: It won’t be long before Linda Marks is asking the musical question, Why are Hill’s ratings zero?

Consider this a tip of the cap to The Artist Formerly Known As Hillman, Greg Salk – he’s our BJBSJ Mediot of the Week.

Quick hits:

  • A source suggests Dale & Keefe and the OMF show are angry about the dogshit Hillman Show as a lead-in, fearing their respective 1.7 and 2.2 ratings might become the new normal for EEIdiots.
  • Dale and Keefe, despite their plummeting ratings, are likely safe because ‘they work for fucking peanuts and toe the line without an issue’ per an industry insider.
  • Greg Salk being outraged that Aaron Hernandez’s #81 is still in circulation while having no idea he also wore #85 is so perfectly Greg Salk.
  • The on-air staff at 985 are universally giddy over Sleepy Salkie joining EEI.
  • Blind Mike ripping on Danielle Murr’s status as Designated Overlaugher is amusing.
  • Greg Bedard approaching the Patriots for a job in their scouting department brings a question to mind: What about the Wicked Hyperlocal Beaneating Chowdahead Lifetime Subscribers to the BS Jourinal?
  • NBCSN Boston Libelist Extraordinare John Tomase is every bit the slovenly opportunist you think he is.
  • Ben Volin is still a easily amused simpleton. Interesting!
  • What kind of psychopath goes to get that small an amount of gas?
  • Spoiler: The reporter that considers a drive to Foxboro a ‘day trip’.
  • I’m #TeamDondero.
  • Did the Red Sox get their dicks kicked in by the Yankees this weekend? Yes. Now, explain to me how this in any way diminishes the Red Sox ripping the soul out of Tri-State Area Bambino Fetishists during last October’s Gentleman’s Sweep?
  • Third String WEEI Program Director Joe Zarbano is a world-class dummy.
  • Tony Massarotti has a double-digit IQ.
  • Jimmy Stewart aspires to Mazz’s intelligence.
  • Mike Felcher’s servants are ordered by The Wood to cover his napkins in Lubriderm with extra spermicide under penalty of death.
  • Bonesy Adam Jones needs assistance to lift his cell phone to his ear.
  • Marc Bertrand loves Pepsi more than the fruit of his loom.
  • Greg Bedard is still a thing? No? Good.
  • There’s not a better recurring piece in Boston media than the weekly @patsscartel Emptying The Desk Drawer column on Wednesdays.
  • @defnotgg is a warped genius.
  • Stay off @SalSputnik’s island.
  • #BJBSJ had it first. Again.
  • I’m on record: @WWIIFelger and @patscartel in the AM? I’m all in like ________.
  • @AlexReimer1? I’m out like _______.
  • @davecullinane is the voice of a new generation. MY generation!
  • Ty Law just picked off Peyton Manning’s HOF bust.
  • Does Bill Belichick respect Ed Reed?
  • Where in the world is Miguel Benzan?
  • Dull Arnold is despised by his colleagues.
  • Rich Teeth actually seems competent when appearing on air after The Artist Formerly Known As Hillman.
  • That doesn’t mean Rich Teeth is good on the radio.
  • Princess Venmo is literally sobbing rn
  • Are Roman Swipes placebos?
  • If you use a mallet putter or take care of your golf clubs, @jeremyboudrot will shun you.
  • @mikewichter is on the Mount Rushmore of golfing partners.
  • Source: Steve Robinson is a monotone voice in Kirk Minihane’s head.
  • There’s not a better writer covering the Patriots than @ThatDaveBrown.
  • @BootlegBarnicle? #OOTG.
  • I’ve Borgesed @patsscartel’s column shtick.

There are an infinite number of stories in the Naked City. The list above provides an infinite amount of detritus.


While Charred Finn weeps into John Henry’s bony bosom after a doubleheader sweep at the hands of the Evil Empire, BJBSJ gives you content.



A Hill to Die On for WEEI

Benz. Salk. Keefe. Hill.

The New York Jets of sports radio are at it again, and as a result WEEI’s Mount Rushmore of atrocious additions is complete. The Greg Hill Show is proof that the Wheel of Gutless Bums isn’t spinning in the Red Sox bullpen. It’s a fixture at Entercom Boston.

What wacky skit did Toucher and Rich, But Dumber roll out for their much-unanticipated debut this past Monday AM? Stop if you’ve heard this before: a zany reference to Country 937!

BJBSJ had it first. Again.

If you bet the under for first cringe-worthy moment on the The Greg Salk Show, collect your $2.10.

2 days into this show about nothing, Sleepy Salkie 2.0 combines the charisma of Mike Mutnansky, the machismo of Dale Arnold, and the enunciation skills of Rich Teeth. This soulless, empty-vessel of a show is tap-water enthusiast Sam Kennedy’s wet dream: if no one’s listening, no one can lodge a complaint with WEEI Program Directors Bob Murchison and Shirley Leung.

Joining The Artist Formerly Known As The Hillman, ‘Fitzy’ is a hyperlocal Cosmo Kramer ripoff providing local sports bonafides.

(I actually felt bad for Fitzy. It seemed like he was trying.)

Formulaic Female Replacement-level sidekick Danielle Murr fills out the trio by playing Brick Tamland in aggrieved feminist form.

Note to Blind Mike: You’ve been usurped as media’s preeminent giggler. STEP IT UP, SON.

Hill, Murr, and Fitzy (Nick Stevens) have been put in the ultimate no-win situation: their show is canned and uninspired, paint-by-number radio. They’re (ostensibly) replacing K&C, a highly-rated, high-profile show with large, well-defined personalities. (The same thing holds true for recently ousted Mut & Callahan co-host/human bookmark Mike Mutnansky). They’re sitting ducks in the cross-hairs of Kirk Minihane. In reality, they’re collateral damage in a activist’s hubristic mission to take down two talking radio men he disagreed with. The Greg Hill Show is empirically horrendous radio. It’s also exactly what Entercom wants.

While Charred Finn stocks Large Gymnasium’s House with all the finest ketchups, BJBSJ will continue to cover the long, strange journey of Sinking Ship dot com.


The Decision 2.0: Taking Their Talents to BJBSJ

The BJBSJ Universe just got a whole lot brighter. You might even call us a ‘Superteam’.

BJBSJ has added the two most prominent Free Agents in the Twitterverse, the former Dale E. Arnold Text Line (@TheTextLine) along with @SportyRMcKenzie. This is like discovering plutonium by accident. – particularly the dreadful Mut & the Mailman show – take note: when you’ve lost the parody accounts (that are infinitely more entertaining than any content you offer), you’ve officially lost the war. Insufferable dullard/E.T. clone Chris Curtis may whine that anonymous accounts should be required to produce 2 forms of ID in order to tweet, but don’t worry Chris: you’ll be an anonymous nobody very soon. No one gives a tin shit who’s behind the scenes while Hopalong Callahan spins the latest from Rascal Flatts.

8th place. Yee-haw.

When I reached out to the Text Line for comment on BJBSJ affiliation/merger he told me, “go fuck yourself”, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

While Charred Finn fetches Large Gymnasium’s ketchup, BJBSJ is working all the angles to keep you updated on the latest comings and goings in Boston Sports Mediotry.

First. Again. Now, fuck off.

Yup, These Are Your Mediots: The Weak In Review

Ben Volin is a dummy – this has never been in dispute. 

He’s reminded BJBSJ this week (while taking target practice on his own foot) that he’s a disingenous, muckraking liar, too.  The clickbait aggregators at Florio’s Takez Farm cited a Mittens report on Monday:

Later that day, Morrissey Boulevard’s most infamous paste-eating dullard reversed course.  Fact, not opinion.   Or his opinion wasn’t a fact.  At any rate, a person who uses words to make a living doesn’t need to make clear points.

Here’s the actual Globe headline from Mittens’ piece:

Volin’s “opinion” is that it’s a “real story”?  That’s some serious delusion.  Some might even call it ‘hubris’.  But then, Volin suddenly reversed course on reversing course.

My “informed speculation” is this:  Volin is a lying turd who can’t keep his stories straight.  Unfortunately, he and the Globe got exactly what they wanted:  clicks and exposure, facts be damned (though one can argue an appearance with Mut and the Mailman is the opposite of exposure).  Still, the Wheel of Gutless Mediots keeps churning out tripe, and then glad-hand one other to promote said tripe.  Of course, #BJBSJ had it first.

The Concord Monitor‘s Dave Brown summed up L’Affaire Mittens perfectly.

This isn’t the first time that Volin has authored flat-out falsehoods of Tomase-esque girth.  In a time-honored Globe tradition, Simple Ben dances for his overlords by, you guessed it, attacking anything Patriots.  This despicable smearing of former Pats LB Darius Fleming in 2018 has been lost over time, but it’s a perfect example of Volin’s malevolence:

Fleming saved a woman’s life.  Volin called bullshit on it until he was embarrassed by the Walpole Police. 

The long story short is this:  Ben Volin is a lying, obtuse asshole – ergo, the perfect Globie.   He’s our BJBSJ mediot of the week.  

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:  Boston’s pre-eminent Libelist John Tomase spins another ripping yarn.

The overwrought prose in this work of fiction is more sicky sweet than Almost-A-Coach Bedard’s Triple Mocha Frappucino with the standard 17 Splendas.  I’ll save you the click and give you the lowlights:

Tomase thinks he’s Roger Angell, but you’ll be hoping for a visit from the Angel of Death after reading this Harlequin Romance level bullshit.

In a horrendously researched piece chock full of errors and half-truths, this whopper jumped off the page in our BJBSJ roundtable.

This info was unearthed by @kfpeters of the BJBSJ I-Team:

I’m going to take a wild guess the attending physician didn’t immediately call Tomase’s school bus driver at 8:56am in June of ’86  to break the news to Tomase and his “Bias hat”.  Kevin Cullen would be embarrassed by this overly dramatic story arc.   Does anyone edit at NBCS Boston?   (We know what the answer is to that question for and a Hyperlocal Huckster with four mortgages in Medway.)  Keep Rollo Tomase out of your life; BJBSJ will listen and read so you don’t have to.

Uh-oh.  Gampy Glenn is back on the internet, and his Nana Felcher imitation is embarrassing.

I’d elaborate, however sourcez tell me that Gampy swiped Nana’s warmth napkins to clean up a mess of tapioca pudding after seeing OMF’s cute lil’ ratings.   Yee-haw, Gampie.

From the world of Mediot Worshipers, out at the Framingham Takez Asylum, Mensa Matt angles to replace Mike LoyKKKo at the BS Jourinal.

In the William Bendetson Universe, a salty Smaven is the best Smaven.

In fledgling Cute Lil’ podcast news, Entercom excile Kirk Minihane is in the process of developing a rotating band of professional gigglers, which could potentially keep the virtually unemployable Mark Moroso off the public dole.  

The Morning Zookeepers at 985 have to be kicking themselves for not thinking of the wacky ‘human in a dog suit’ stunt first.  Zoinks!

Some good news:  it appears the healing has begun between Minihane and the passengers at Sinking Ship dot com.  While EEI hawks boner pills, Kirk is plugging wipes to keep that boner longer.  Synergy!  GETROMAN!!

Here’s a pro tip from an aspiring mediot:  When selfies don’t pay the bills, ask your followers to pay them for you. 

While Charred Finn packs the Felcher household for a weekend on Nantucket, BJBSJ gives you the weak in Boston mediocy.



“Grampie Glenn’s Trying To Log On To AOL Again!”

While no one was looking, Grampie Glenn snuck out of Room 5.3 at the home, fired up AOL, and logged on to the Twitter machine.

There’s something… familiar about these tweets.

You know, it’s like I’ve heard this stuff before. I can’t place them, but I think I’m experiencing deja vu.

It’s killing me – I am certain I’ve heard the exact same thing somewhere else before. It’ll come to me.

Side note: Perhaps if the Celtics were to add Gramp’s co-host Futility Lou Merloni, they could be worse and less likeable, just like afternoon drive on EEI.

It’s so close – it’s on the tip of my tongue. I know where these takez came from!

Ahh, here it is.

Gampy just repeates what he’s heard from Nana Felcher!

After nearly 5 decades as a mediot, is this what it’s come to for Grampy Glenn: Aggregating and parroting Michael Felcher like a septuagenarian Tony Massarotti?

It appears so. I’ll grudgingly even give credit to @WEEI twitter accounts for covering 985 more thoroughly than Nana Felcher’s butler, Charred Finn.

Here, the genius of WEEI program director Joe Zarbano is on full display. It takes full balls and an empty cranium to provide advertising to the iceberg currently ripping through your hull rather than promoting Barstool’s newest hire/disgruntled future ex-employee Kirk Minihane when he was in your employ.

Bold move, Cotton Mouth Joe. There are 4.7 reasons your job is in jeopardy.

Mercifully, June is the last month of the spring arbitron ratings book, and Grampa Glennie has been showing an interest in new things: he’s been listening to a lot of Shania Twain, Johnny Cash, and Garth Brooks.

Old DJs never die, they just change formats.

Godspeed, Grampie Glenn. Yee-haw.


When The Legend Becomes Fact, Print The Legend: Bill Buckner & Boston Sports Media

Bill Buckner was a terrific player. None of what mediots are trying to sell you is about Bill Buckner. At all.

Credit to our longtime stalwart and mainstay Mike On Route One, who epitomizes the best of #BJBSJthis is his piece. Now, give @MikeOneRoute1 a follow. Done? Please proceed.

The Boston sports media is good at one thing – and that is the creation of myth. Some of these are to the benefit of their own perceived toughness and relevance as is the case with their hagiography of Will McDonough unceremoniously dumping Raymond Clayborn into a laundry cart and forcing him to luffa his pock marks.

Oh, Elihu…

Others are designed to move forward an agenda – as it is the case with their decades long crusade to remind you that the Patriots never had a winning season prior to the arrival of Bill Parcells. The subtext in this case being that this is, and always will be, a Baseball Town.

Mr. Hess? There’s another collect call for you from New Orleans.

Another favorite move is also conflating conventional media opinion with that of fan opinion. There is ample evidence that fan opinion is downstream of media takes, so there is some validity to that. But there are notable exceptions when the two are wildly divergent. And when The Take is proven wrong, the media will disavow all knowledge of their previous statements and put it all on The Fans.

The death of Bill Buckner has brought about a unique strand of the worst kinds of media revisionism. I have no dog in this fight. I loathe the media, the fans, and the Red Sox. BJBSJ exists entirely because Boston fans are a unique brand of toxic awfulness so this is not a defense of them. It is merely opposition to blindly parroting talking points.

You’re absolutely right, Mike! *squawk*

Shortly after Buckner’s death was announced, video started to circulate of him being cheered at the 2008 home opener. The narrative became that Red Sox fans “finally” forgave him. This is, of course, false. It may be because these videos are the easiest to track down. A more cynical man than I would suggest that the Henry Crime Family has no problem accepting credit for mending this relationship between Buckner and the fans.

Buckner was cheered by the 750K fans in attendance in the days following the loss to the Mets. When the parade ended in a celebration at City Hall Plaza (as it always should, by the way), he took the microphone and was cheered.

(As an aside, I encourage you to watch this entire video. Because…it’s nice.)

The hardos that have tried to ruin the sports experience in this town tell us that we only observe TITALS in Beantown, baby! This ain’t Losahville! But there is something, amidst all this winning, that we have lost and that is a collective appreciation for teams that fight the good fight and come up short. I say this as an unequivocal apologist for the 2007 Patriots and 2010 Celtics.)

Buckner was again cheered at the home opener in 1987. (Which would mark the first of seemingly three dozen Dave Steib starts for this humble scribe.)

The Mulleted Antagonist of Mike on Route One’s nightmares.

Fast forward to April of 1990. A nation’s imagination was captured by a college basketball team making white t-shirts under their jerseys cool and by wrestlers being transported to the ring in…mini-rings. In Boston, Red Sox fans gave Buckner ANOTHER GOD DAMN STANDING OVATION at the home opener after he signed with them as a free agent. (How fucking insane is it that Buckner was still playing in 1990 after running like he did in 1986? Preposterous.)

It’s curious that if it was so bad here, why would he sign with the team again? Maybe they were the only ones offering a contract? That’s certainly possible, though doubtful.

He’s fleeing from the mobs with torches and pitchforks, caller!

Examples given were the asshole that saw Buckner signing an autograph and encouraged a kid not to give Bill the ball as he would just drop it. Aside from not making much sense, this is mean spirited. Bill rightly collared the guy.

What is curiously absent in this Montville piece is a mention of death threats. The claim that Buckner was the recipient of these threats, plural, is mentioned in many obits in the wake of his passing. Maybe this happened.

Given the lousiness of people, it’s highly possible. Where do “death threats” begin and where does “I hope you die” begin? For the recipient, I guess it doesn’t matter. But, like the BRUINS FANZ SENT RACIST TWEETS thing I’m skeptical it was an epidemic, if it even happened.

Only on Yawkey Way, Danny.

I welcome evidence of Buckner saying it did. But Buckner spoke to Montville for this story. Would that have been mentioned somewhere in the story if it had in fact happened? I’d wager yes. But really, get a load of this bullshit:

“He is a character from a modern Nathaniel Hawthorne novel about the harshness of village life in New England. A scarlet letter and a scarlet numeral adorn Bill Buckner’s chest, the poor man consigned forever to wear the symbol E-3 on the local streets in remembrance of his momentary fall into sin. There is no forgetting what he did. There, alas, can be no forgiveness.”

Absolving those most responsible for their role. It should further be noted that this Idaho move was something that was planned for years, Buckner having owned the property since the 70’s. (h/t @bookjailer) :

Friend of BJBSJ and OG BSMW contributor @bookjailer gets IT, caller.

There was no forgiveness that needed to be given by Buckner TO the fans or by the fans TO Buckner. Bill said as much. “I really had to forgive the – not the fans of Boston, just per se, but I would say – I would have to say, in my heart, I had to forgive the media, you know, for what, you know, they put me and my family through. So you know, I’ve done that. I’m over that.”

To paraphrase the execrable FIELD OF DREAMS – “It was you.” “No, Dan. It was you.”

AKA “CHB” – Carl Everett had it first.

Of fucking course this all ties back to Shaughnessy. 1986 was when shit really kicked into gear. When The Curse became a real thing. The hard cover edition prominently featured Ruth AND Buckner’s error. Dan is wholly responsible for the popular national perception of Buckner’s relationship with the Boston fans.

The fans always got it. The media – for profit or pleasure – pretended that the fans didn’t. Sure, some painters cap wearing mouthbreather invariably said some dumb shit.

Only on white trash, Danny.

The craziest Boston fan paradox to me – as a longtime observer of the various cancerous strains within the group – is that they are, in the collective, simultaneously at their best and worst.

The ability to think Bill Belichick is arrogant or is losing it exists in the same place that understands that Bill Buckner NEEDED those ovations. That we should cheer our loudest when Normand Leveille comes out for a skate. That our overrating of role players to cult status is at the same time a maddening and endearing trait.

But do you know any Red Sox fan who hated Bill Buckner? And I don’t mean in like your aunt from Saugus kinda way. Like “faaaack Billy Bucknah!”

The blame pie, as I’ve always known it is McNamara, Stanley/Gedman, (I assume there’s some weird West Berlin-like enclave around Worcester County where it was a wild pitch) and Schiraldi. Hell, our own Displaced Bostonian likely believes that Roger asked out with the blister. (Apropos of nothing, the 1986 season is fucking insane. There are no less than twenty insane factoids or coincidences. Jim Rice was thrown out on the bases twenty times in the playoffs. The idea that the Mets and Red Sox played a fucking exhibition game during the season is more mind blowing than Buckner predicting the error or Schiraldi telling batshit Mitchell how he would pitch him while they would lie in bed at night as A ball roommates. Jesus Christ.)

I do not lightly absolve Boston fans – especially baseball fans – of their sins.

But in this case, it is largely, if not completely warranted. The “hatred” of Buckner was never real. It was manufactured to sell books and to have a clever narrative with which to frame current and future failures.

He didn’t have it first. Again.

Hi Chad.


WEEI Sacks Dan Sileo

Dan Sileo was scheduled to be on WEEI from 3-6 today, even promoting his appearance on their app earlier today.  Ever reactive instead of proactive – and evidently plagiarizing Almost-An-HR Rep Greg Bedard’s hiring and vetting processes – WEEI has sacked Sileo from the schedule.

Let’s just say BIG SILZ – as he loves to refer to himself – has a questionable history on social media.   Former Globie Hilary Sargent tweeted an excellent synopsis of Sileo’s online history earlier today:’s “leadership” (Zarbano, Hannon, Mike Dee) is constantly making terrible decisions:  Keefe, OMF, Hart, etc., but bringing Sileo aboard is next-level malfeasance on the part of Entercom.   Will the incestuous cesspool of Boston sports media attempt to bury this too?  Will Charred Finn step up?

We’ll stay on it.