Tomase To Leave WEEI?

Resident WEEI Libelist John Tomase is preparing to leave WEEI, according to industry insiders. Unbelievably, one source suggests this is Tomase’s choice to leave WEEI and not the other way around.

Speculation for Tomase’s next landing spot – and it’s only that at this point – is that he’s considering The Athletic – Boston or the Boston Globe. BJBSJ has no inside info on his ultimate destination.

It’s difficult to believe any credible media entity would consider bringing the radioactive Tomase aboard. However, a spot at the Globe makes sense after the death of MLB columnist Nick Cafardo and the Globe’s historical indifference to journalistic ethics. (Side note: a Tomase/Cullen joint project would be sure to produce some ripping yarns.)

Adding Tomase on the surface makes little sense for The Athletic, however his former Herald sports editor Sean Leahy is the Managing Editor at The Athletic – Boston. Leahy brought Steve Buckley to The Athletic from the Herald, so there is a precendent for a Tomase/Leahy reunion.

While Chard Finn is busy preparing his latest love letter to Felcher and Mazz, #BJBSJ is working to obtain videotape on Tomase walking through his decision making process. More to come as information is obtained.


February Radio Ratings: WEE…yikes

Disclaimer: Arbitron ratings blocks are 6-10am / 10am-3pm / 3pm – 7pm and 7PM – midnight for Men aged 25-54. The ratings are broken down below by the show appearing in the majority of the hours listed. Total ratings do not include WEEI’s knee-jerk excuse of including Providence numbers or streaming.

February’s ratings are a bloodbath:

AM Drive: Toucher and Rich 12.8 (1st overall), Mut & Callahan 6.9 (4th)

SportzRadio’s Mom Jeans increase their lead. EEI’s Dumb & Dumberer ripoff is down to 4th place from January’s 2nd place finish.

Middays: Zolak & Bertrand 13.1 (1st), Dale & Keefe 6.4 (3rd)

In the JV division of sports radio, 985’s Unlistenable Duo more than doubled up Dull and Teeth. Now that’s Keefer Madness!

PM Drive: Felger & Massarotti 14.4 (1st), Ordway, Merloni, & Fauria 5.8 (t-3)

Trending NOW: Sinking ship dot com’s ratings are down across the board from January, and OMF is no exception. Should Mike Salk be warming up in the bullpen to replace Ordway yet again? I’ll tell you after this.

Evenings: WBZ-FM 7.5 (1st), WEEI-FM 1.9 (17th)

The Blackmailing Pissant took The Rich Teeth Magician Class: He too can make ratings disappear! EEI is down big from last month’s 4.1, 9th place finish.

Weekends, 6AM – Midnight: WBZ-FM 6.0 (6th), WEEI-FM 1.8 (19th)

The WEEI Amalgam of Suck (Weekend Division) gets tripled up by 985? Curiously, it appears listeners don’t want to hear Blackmailing Pissant Reimer, Sexual Harrassment Enthusiast Marc James, and Preeminent Libelist John Tomase on their off days.

In closing, these ratings have not been embellished, because they need no embellishment. They are simply, horrifyingly, the story of Joe Zarbano as a cocky, slow-witted radio man.

The New Balance Studios

Mediots in Focus: Toucher and Rich

98.5 The SportsHub is the number one radio station in the Boston market – an unfortunate fact, not opinion. Joe Zarbano’s wildly successful Ratings Tankapalooza over at WEEI is a big factor, but despite all logic 985 is a runaway success. How in the world does this happen month after month?

Industry experts have long agreed having a successful morning show is a key component of a profitable and popular radio station. Let’s delve into this one: BJBSJ takes a closer look at 98.5’s leadoff hitters.

Hey, guys… hey.

Toucher and Rich are the morning show for people who don’t like funny. Are they a local morning show? That depends on whether you consider Atlanta or Detroit local. Their knowledge of sports while appearing on a sports station proved problematic, so Jon Wallach was brought aboard to give The Zookeepers some local sports bonafides. Wallach is undeniably talented if being a boring object of derision is talent, but sadly his knowledge of Boston sports is as feeble as Fred’s arms are spindly.

Fred Toucher – a man whose dye job makes Futility Lou Merloni’s look good – once threatened to hire a private eye to find the mean tweeting men that make him SO MAD. A nickel’s worth of free advice for Fred: switch to decaf, double the Zoloft, and get better at your burner Twitter account game. Human slide whistle Rich Shertenlieb – WHO LOVES CAPITAL LETTERS – is emo Don Orsillo. Their competition is Mike fucking Mutnansky, which mean Touch, Rick and Bird replace Lou Gehrig as the luckiest men on the face of the Earth.

T&R’s success confirms Bishop Pickering’s wavering beliefs.

Full disclosure: I can’t stomach this show for very long. Occasionally, they’ll have a good guest like Mike Gorman, but at the end of the day, I find Toucher and Rich offensive, and it’s not offensive because I’m Jewish.

Steak and eggs!

BJBSJ Rating for TOUCHER AND RICH: 1.5 out of 5 ZOINKZ


Week 1 February Ratings

Live look at WEEI HQ

Disclaimer: Arbitron ratings blocks are 6-10am / 10am-3pm / 3pm – 7pm and 7PM – midnight. The ratings are broken down below by the show appearing in the majority of the hours listed. Total ratings do not include the WEEI knee-jerk excuse of Providence numbers or streaming.

AM Drive: Touch & Rick 13.2, Mut & Callahan 9.6

Middays: Zo & Beetle 15.1, Dull & Teeth 8.5

PM Drive: Mike & The Lap Dog 13.7, OMFG 7.8

Evenings: Spindly Arms 6.8, WEEI’s Amalgam of Suck 2.4

A few thoughts for Week 1 February:

  • Ordway drawing lower ratings than Rich Teeth makes me giddy.
  • An unreal job by Joe Zarbano to take 2 deck chairs on the HMS WEEI and weaken both spots.
  • Joey Z is the Picasso of Tankapalooza.
  • The Mom Jeans of Sportzradio are officially a wagon, bro. The Wagon Queen Family Truckster, but still a wagon.
  • Zo & Beetle are beating Mike & The Lap Dog. Crossing fingers that declining ratings for Felcher, Mazz, Large Gymnasium and Catlover become a trend. Nana Felcher is approaching Callahan levels of mailing it in.

While Chard Finn sleeps (after giving Uncle Joe Castig the Orchid Day Spa off-menu special), BJBSJ will keep you updated regularly with ratings.


Take Two: January Radio Ratings

They’re in. Really.

These are the real deal, promise. They’ve been doubly sourced and doubly vetted as true. If they’re not, we’ll refund you the full cost of your invaluable #BJBSJ subscription.

Disclaimer: Arbitron ratings blocks are 6-10am / 10am-3pm / 3pm – 7pm and 7PM – midnight. The ratings are broken down below by the show appearing in the majority of the hours listed. Total ratings do not include the WEEI knee-jerk excuse of Providence numbers or streaming.

Here we go:

AM Drive: Toucher and Rich 12.2 (1st overall), Mut & Callahan 8.3 (2nd):

The Mom Jeans of SportzRadio score a decisive win over Mut & The Mailman.

Middays: Zolak & Bertrand 15.3 (1st), Dale & Keefe 6.9 (3rd)

Not “nice” for Dull and Teeth – the Washington Generals are nervous. A suggestion for Z&B: Wet the beak of ol’ Joey Zarbano to make sure Dull & Teeth stay in your time slot.

PM Drive: Felger & Massarotti 15.1 (1st), Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria 6.8 (3rd)

We had it first: Magician Rich Teeth makes ratings disappear, but the OMFers take a shitty lead-in and perform even more abysmally.

Evenings:  WBZ-FM 9.1 (1st), WEEI-FM 4.1 (t9)

Let’s just say the Bruins and the Celtics win this slot, because no one wins when Spindly-Armed Joansie, Spindly-Brained Arcand, and a Blackmailing Pissant are the choices.

Weekends, 6am – Midnight:

WBZ-FM 7.8 (1st), WEEI-FM 4.1 (10th): CBS’s shitty fill-ins are more popular than Entercom’s shitty fill-ins.

January Overall, Mon-Sun 6am to Midnight:

WBZ-FM 12.6 (1st), WEEI-FM 6.6 (3rd)

It’s a rout for 985, again. Joe Zarbano’s Tankapalooza is plunging to new depths, something only Rachel Phelps could truly appreciate.

COMING TOMORROW: Week 1 February 2019 ratings.


Mediot In Focus: Alex Reimer

One word immediately comes to mind when considering Alex Reimer: Impressive.

Reimer didn’t lose his job after blackmailing a co-worker struggling with alcoholism? Reimer manages to be the least talented ‘talent’ (non Hannable-division) at a station that employs Rich Teeth? Reimer wasn’t canned after verbally attacking the 5 year old daughter of his station’s most important guest?


Alex Reimer doesn’t work for WEEI because he’s talented. Alex Reimer works at WEEI because he’ll say or write anything his overlords demand in exchange for the salary of a Rite-Aid cashier. Outlandish, irresponsible, libelous? All the better! He’s an intellectual without intellect trying to con you into believing him, a man without beliefs. He lives for the next take, another empty-vessel dummy on the air.

In Reimer’s defense, some of this isn’t his fault – you could consider him Patient Zero of Hot Takez Nation. He was a young, stupid, impressionable kid addicted to the radio, enamored with the Big Show’s Talking Radio Men. Glenn Ordway is the Catholic priest luring his victim:

Hey, kid – Wanna see my Whiney?  

Viewed through that lens, Alex is the victim and this abuse is a tragedy… Unfiltered.

Were the Whiney Awards simply a cover for an international sex trafficking ring? I’m Just Asking The Question, reader!

But to hell with victimizing Reimer, because he’d probably love it.

In an industry of worsts, Reimer is The Worst. He lives for attention, negative or otherwise. The BJBSJ Powers That Be debated whether to even address Reimer, fearing he’d love being loathed enough to have a hit piece done on him.

This hit piece wraps up by asking you to take The Reimer Pledge:

  • Don’t give him clicks. (We’ll read it so you won’t have to.)
  • If he’s on WEEI, turn the fucking station.

Reimer in print is bad, but Reimer on the radio is worse. Choosing to consume any content by Alex Reimer is the epitome of a Bad Idea: It, unprotected, sucks.

After all – when am I going to be in the New Balance Studios again?


BJBSJ EXCLUSIVE: A Statement From The Suspended Correspondent

Courtesy @SportyRMcKenzie


In the spirit of BJBSJ’s desire to be fully accountable to our valuable members, I wanted to update you on something.

I am a BJBSJ freelancer – not a staff member or employee – and have been accused by an anonymous Twitter user of misreading a Boston radio ratings spreadsheet and reporting my findings as fact several days ago. BJBSJ takes this very seriously and obviously finds the alleged misdeed disgusting and vile with no place in a technologically literate society.

A BJBSJ liaison sent notice that I am suspended and have been enrolled in Mandatory Microsoft Sensitivity Training effective immediately.


A brief backstory: Late last week, and I was having a casual conversation with Boston mediots when someone I trust threw out the following tidbit.

“I heard Chard Finn filmed Arbitron’s final walkthrough before releasing January ratings”, he said.

Turns out he could not have been more wrong, and that’s something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my lunch hour.

“Don’t worry,” one reporter friend said, “There’s no accountability anymore, so we can write what we want!”

“It’s just another story,” a radio talk show host helpfully offered. “You’ll come back from this. Had it been METCO ratings book, you surely would have fucked up reading those columns, too. They don’t know what’s in your heart.”

While I have no regrets over going to print a few days before final ratings were released, this is a story I could not afford to get wrong. At all.

I will aggressively investigate this as soon as time permits — I have already been in contact with some sources to begin to verify information — and will make a final determination wherever the facts take me and report back to you.

Unfortunately, due to travel and logistics, I can’t give an apology for this devastating leap of logic the attention it deserves until the World Series has concluded.

In keeping with BJBSJ’s undying commitment to Bradford/Zarbano management philosophies, look for a promotion to columnist and a higher profile on BJBSJ’s Zoinks In The Morning to be announced late on a Friday afternoon in the near future.

Sorry if *you* were offended, reader.

@SportyRMcKenzie contributed to this report.


Entercom and WEEI consider drastic changes in management

If for some reason you’re not following – and you should be – here’s some news:

#BJBSJ broke the news earlier that 985 is obliterating WEEI in the ratings. This was no secret to the suits at Entercom, who receive ratings weekly and are watching closely, ready to hit the EJECT button on program director Joe Zarbano.

Multiple industry insiders tell #BJBSJ that Zarbano’s ouster is imminent. As reported earlier today here: – EEI is listing badly. The one-time Number One Sports Station In America can’t do a number one in any urinal outside of #BSJHQ in Medway. Two Sinking Ships of a Feather piss together. Obvi.

#BJBSJ will have continuing coverage, because that’s what we do. While Chard Finn sleeps, we’re gathering info.

Subscribe/Rate/Review, you heathens!


BJBSJ Breaking News Exclusive: January Ratings are in, and most are tuning WEEI out

A source close to the situation has sent #BJBSJ January’s Arbitron numbers, and WEEI is in a free-fall.

Here’s the breakdown – in Men 25-54:

  • Toucher and Rich bested Mut & Callahan 11.4 to 8.3.
  • Zolak and Bertrand doubled up Dale and Keefe, posting a 15.9 to Tankapalooza’s 7.2.
  • Felcher and Mazz blew out the Washington Generals known as OMF, 16.4 to 6.3.

It gets worse for Sinking Ship Dot Com. Men 18-34:

  • Toucher and Zoinks 15.3, nearly four times better than Mut & the Mailman’s 3.9.
  • Zolak and Bertrand 20.0, destroying Dale and Keefe’s 4.5.

Here’s the kill shot – call the President, have him bring in the National Guard, because 985 is killing EEI:

  • Felcher & Mazz 20.6, routing the 1.3 posted by Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.

One. Point. Three. You’re telling me Glenn Ordway isn’t crushing the 18-34 demo? Shocking news.

Dean Wormer beckons, WEEI.


BS Filter Engaged: Breaking Down Bedard’s Daily Briefing

Almost-A-Basketball Fan then uses his well-worn dog-whistle to throw shade on The Players in That League, which is never a Grand look for the Wizard of BSJ. I’ll put the over/under on minutes of a live NBA game Bedard has watched the season at 11.5.

Remember, I read Bedard so you don’t have to. At all.