Morning zoo keepers send listeners to harrass 60 year old man minding own business.

Last night a twitter user posted a video tagging 98.5 the Sports Hub official account of the morning show Toucher and Rich of somebody bothering long time sportscaster Jim Gray while he was inconspicuously watching a golf tournament. The original tweet was retweeted by the Toucher and Rich account. Watch the video below.

Hilarious right? This all stems from an interview Toucher and Rich did with Gray while in Atlanta a couple days before the Super Bowl. The zany morning hosts began the interview by pestering Gray why he was in the background of an interview with Tom Brady and Oprah Winfrey. Gray, not wanting to be the butt of a joke at his own expense, refused to play along with hijinks causing a very awkward interview. One of the hosts growing frustration with Gray not allowing the joke to land eventually kicked Gray out which caused Gray to lecture the hosts off the air. The interview can be seen here.

Both sides come across looking bad, in my opinion. Gray certainly could’ve lightened up a little bit and used his almost 40 years of experience to keep the interview on track and the radio hosts could have maybe moved on once it was obvious Gray wanted no part of the obvious hijinks. I know Gray isn’t the coolest guy to interview, but throughout his career there’s been plenty of interesting encounters I would like to hear him answer about. From his dickish interview with Pete Rose during the All Century team ceremony in 1999 to his role in Lebron James’ epic disaster ‘The Decision’ in 2010 and most recently his awkward weekly interviews with Tom Brady during the season. Hell, even this incredible back and forth with boxer Adrien Broner after his fight with Manny Pacquiao just last month would be something to ask him about. However, the morning zoo keepers decided a two second clip of Gray in the background of interview he had nothing to do with was all they cared about.

Now I want to make one thing clear, I think Jim Gray sucks. He’s giant dick that constantly makes the story about him more than the people he interviews and he definitely didn’t himself any favors with how he acted in the Toucher and Rich interview but I’m not sure that deserves to be harrassed while minding his own business and watching golf by someone looking to impress their favorite radio show hosts and make a viral video. With Toucher and Rich retweeting the video they are essentially encouraging this action and expect more videos like this going forward. So now Gray will have to be constantly looking over his shoulder for some other clowns looking to get noticed by a radio show host. Zoinks!!


A BJBSJ Investigation: Did Dan Lifshatz really play Division 1 Tennis in college?

Does this look like someone who played tennis at a division 1 college less than a decade ago?

For those of you not familiar with Dan, he is an angry debt collector/glorified secretary for the Felcher and Mazz show on 98.5 The Sports Hub. His duties mostly include answering the phone, finding the warmest napkins for the Felgy, and washing Big Gyms sick beamer in exchange for where to find best restaurants for protein on the north shore.

Dan also moonlights a wanna be Twitter sports betting sharp, dishing out the hottest daily pickzz you can find. Amazingly, he was able to spin this into his own podcast on the Sports Hub along side Joe Murphy called The Bankrupt Boys. Zoinks!! [Side note: If you’re getting your sports betting tips from the guy who answers the phone for the sports radio show, it’s time to reassess]

Recently it has some to the attention of BJBSJ that Dan, on multiple occasions, has claimed he played tennis while in college at the University of Hartford. BJBSJer and noted Polar Bear lover @sofascout1 provided the receipts.

Wow! That’s pretty impressive. Playing any sport at major American University is a big deal. Just for fun we decided to see if we could locate any of Dan’s stats since he emphatically declared he played tennis in college. According to his LinkedIn profile, Dan attended the University of Hartford from 2010-2013 and luckily the UofH sports website had the rosters of the men’s tennis team going back many years. Surely, we would find some info of Dan’s career as a D1 tennis player. Here are the rosters of the teams the years Dan was enrolled:

Hmm… weird. No sign of Dan on any of the teams. In fact there was no trace of a Dan Lifshatz anywhere on the University sports websites. The only connection between Lifshatz and the University’s men’s tennis team was an article he wrote after a tough loss for the Hawks in The Informer, the school newspaper.

Maybe Dan just thinks covering the team is the same as playing for team or he just completely made it up. Either way I look forward to hearing the explanation.


Useless media member of the week: Ben Volin

For our introductory dive into shallow waters that is the media cesspool, I thought of no one better to showcase than Ben Volin. Ben is a native of Montgomery County, Md., graduated from Emory University in 2004 and got an MBA from the University of Florida in 2010 according to his Boston Globe bio. Before joining The Globe in 2013, Ben spent eight years with the Palm Beach Post, mostly covering the Miami Dolphins. Ok, enough boring shit about Ben lets get to good stuff.

Trollin’ Volin is as much as a troll as he is dumb. Carving a niche by trolling Patriots fans because in reality he has nothing else to offer. Simple Ben, despite working for the largest newspaper in the city of the most successful NFL franchise, really provides no value to the consumer. He breaks no stories of note worthy, doesnt breakdown any film or play on the field and is not an insider. You have to wonder what the baseball paper is thinking keeping him around.

My two favorite Mittens hot takez have come in the past calendar year: Patriots should’ve franchise tagged Jimmy Garoppolo and kept him for 2018 as the most expensive back up quarterback of all time and the Patriots should’ve cut Brandin Cooks if he didn’t take a team player deal.

As far as Garoppolo, little Benny actually breaks down a way the Patriots technically could have kept both dream boat quarterbacks under the salary cap here:

Ah yes Ben with the ol’ “They’ll figure it out” break down that really captivates the reader and don’t forget the loss of several key players without a plan to replace them. How has no team brought him run a team yet?

As for Cooks, Ben wrote early last off season:

As we all know, the Patriots eventually traded Cooks to the Rams for the 23rd overall pick in the 2018 draft. Not exactly the same as cutting him for nothing but didn’t stop Benji from taking a victory lap when the deal was announced.

Total vindication! Not exactly Ben, but let’s not let facts get in the way of take self congratulatory tweet on a early spring morning. I look forward to what team building moves Mittens has in store for the newly crowned champions this off season. Whatever it is I’m sure the team will do the complete opposite and magically be competitive in 2019.

Next up: John Tomase