Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 7/17

Note: Patrick Scartelli is on vacation. And was rightly concerned about being Wally Pipp’ed by the wildly popular Mr. X from Framingham. So his guest column was a one-off. Today we have for a change of pace two different generations of sports fans, one, a member of The Greatest Generation, another, one of those oft-maligned Millenials. So without further ado, welcome Uppy and Starrfish:

Topic: The USWNT winning the Women’s World Cup:

Uppy: This is over US 2 Netherlands 0. Make sure the women get equal pay as the men who have done Nothing

The Women should get more. The men are absolute Failures in World Cup Competition

Starrfish: you say World Cup, all I hear is World Series

Megan Rapinoe should be empress of the universe or something

Topic: Rob Gronkowski’s rumored return:


U: Fools Gold.Thise who continue to discuss The Phony Rob Gronkiwski Comeback. He is playing you. Get on with the real Spirts world like The Red Sox Collapse this year and one of the great tennis matches in History Yesterday

S: Needed a win last night, but make no mistake, the quality of the game speaks just as loudly if not louder than the end result.

Not good: not scoring after the 3rd

Also not good: giving up 8 runs to the Blue Jays

Topic: The Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final Match.

U: Heart, Courage, Endurance. All things that you want to see in Sports we saw today. Bob Ryan is right there is nothing like it


S: I used to have panic attacks wondering if David Ortiz was going to leave us

U: After today don’t tell about Brady and Chara being in great shape for their age. Federer 5 HRs Of Pressure

S: Cora is just letting this happen

Topic: Do the Red Sox Still need another bullpen arm?

U: Why can’t we get Pitchers like Joe Kelly

S: You can be excited for Nathan Eovaldi to come back and still know the Red Sox need to upgrade the bullpen.

Actually, that’s how you should feel if you’re rational.

Topic: The late Boston Globe sportswriter Nick Cafardo.

U: I just heard about Nick Cafardo. He was one of the best human beings in the Business. It’s sad . RIP Nick


Nick Cafardo was my favorite sportswriter and a huge inspiration to me.

Topic: Steve Grogan

U: He wore a neckroll during his latter years with the Patriots

S: Everyone knows that.

Topic: Donald Trump

U: The British Ambassador is lucky he was uninvited by Trump to the Dinner tonight. It was the usual Dinner Burgers and Fries

S: He’s so uneducated and awful. 3 of the women were born in America and the 4th has been a citizen for decades.

He and his father made a habit of discriminating against minorities when they were building their real estate “empire” in NY. This is literally how he has always been, and it is so disgusting that he now represents our country to the world AND is emboldening racists here.

U: Trump’s Kristallnacht has started while children die at the Border

Every time I see Former GOV John Kasich I like what I see. If he was running for President he would get my Vote

Topic: Closing Thoughts?

U: Goodbye Coco it was a great run. You have a great future in front of you

S: We must protect Brock Holt at all costs

Thank you Uppy and Starrfish. Mr. Scartelli is scheduled to return next week.


Cleaning out the Sports Junk Drawer 7/10

Note: Patrick Scartelli is on vacation. Filling in this week is Mr. X from Framingham. Our sincere thanks to Mr. X for not being deterred by the recent overblown controversy here at BJBSJ.

What up, Y’all?

This week is the dead week on the sports which. I need something big to the red sox trading Mollie Betts..that won’t happen…but it would be something

Can enes kanter have a open to the public cookout wherever he’s living in the Boston area

You know what would be great..if john smoltz would ask joe buck right now..what does government mean to you?

Here’s my problem with MLB They won’t change with the times Its not hard

The biggest takeaway from this past week in free agency is this..well two actually 1)the games next year will be entertaining as hell 2) the NBA for the first time in years has parity

My gosh can the L.A. angels week get any worse? Good lord

What the Lakers lost out on kwahi?

I’m trashing anybody still shooting off fireworks five days after the fourth of July is over..those people are begging to get jason Pierre pauled

Take a hike porcelblow..dfa him

Why? Doc can handle egos Brad cannot

Remember when Dwight was a big ticket free agent?

God speed Tedy will be back on your feet..because I know you will

Dfa barnes

Wow Tony Massarotti must have skipped his Prozac meds this boss and I are dying in the office right now..stay off of it the whole week mazz

CHRIS FAIL strikes the red sox are going nowhere

Alex Morgan..will you marry me?

So the celtics not exactly a great week..but it wasn’t as bad as the knicks

Can’t wait till the state run media tells up the red sox never gave up and gave it the good old college try for two straight games vs Yankees in London #fthem

You want a medal jared?

Hey John do you like them old fossil

Jackie Mac…she is becoming a favorite of mines..

I hate the British media

I’m praying felger walks into the studio with a Lakers jersey..just for one day

Apparently the white sox can’t catch routine fly balls

Here’s the bottom line..the bruins have to part ways with a core player this off-season..the nhl salary legit..and the bruins will feel it

I think the Mets and Knicks should hold a hot potato would be something to watch

Remember Fenway..booing is ok

A message to ProFootballTalk you can try to tell us Simms was not trolling all you want..I know this Simms didn’t make it in the NFL for a reason..

I am not listening to radio today….because I need to chill out. Things have not been well

I do not recall the last time..I have agreed with felger more than I do today..the celtics green teamers are frauds and I hope the Lakers win a title

I don’t like felger and do you actually have a point to make..that resembles a thought..cause I don’t have time for dumb people today

Message to the celtics…quit being so stagntic

And btw..can the media in this town stop going many times do we need to hear when someone like pasta fs up..we hear he is such a good kid…if I hear that one more time I’m getting my pistol..and going postal

Mr. X resides in framingham and lives rent free in you’re head..pal


A Boston Baseball Twitter Disagreement


Cleaning Out The Sports Junk Drawer 7/3

Sweeping up the spent sports Roman candles, fountains, black cats, and M-80’s..

More empty desks at BJBSJ?

Alex Reimer also hates Giant Glass.

Get us a REAL closer Dombrowski!

Aw, I had that Angels pitcher on my rotisserie team!

I already love this Not-Kyrie player the Celtics acquired.

The Dominican Republic’s Attorney General just announced that the Baby Ruth bar was so named after a former US President’s dead daughter, and not the most famous baseball player in the world back in 1921.

Terrible showing overseas, Red Sox.

Relief pitching has been problematic.

Up for a competition at punter, NE?

Marshall Hook: poor man’s Wallach, or rich man’s Hardy?

Podcasting circles are buzzing about the potential of Marc James. Untapped!

Linda Pizzutti (newspapers) and Megan Markle (duchessing) are a great example to all the working moms out there.

Tomorrow should be a great day for fireworks and watching people barbecue, if you like that sort of thing.

Megan Rapinoe has spent more time in the box than Tie Domi.

Andy Gresh never got a fair shake.

Greg Bernard’s vanity project is still solvent?

Alex Reimer has had more columns taken down than the South Tower.

The late Sports Talk Barry was a system tweeter. There; I said it.

Cakes are cooking today for Kevin Bacon and Liv Tyler.

‘Taco Fall!’ sounds like something Sad Diabeetle Bertrand says when he drops his lunch Fiesta Pak.

Racecar spelled backward is racecar.

Unusually frantic NBA free agency start.

Marc James has more experience with HR than Sadaharu Oh.

Poor Brad is going to get his heart broken.

Alex Morgan > Piers Morgan.

Bon voyage and ciao, Noel Acciari.

Nike is contributing to global warming, what with the making everyone burn their gear in protest.

Mutnansky sounded like the 3rd man, on his own show. Bad Look!

Antetokounmpo’s a legit MVP.

Gotta find an Esplanade spot early.

Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company, anyone?

Dogs are in search of a quiet safe space this week.

Honk if you remember the Red Sox winning the 2018 World Series.

Best bet for the weekend? Traffic at a standstill by the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges.

Note- Patrick Scartelli will be on vacation until July 23. Guest columnists have been arranged. Cheers!


Important Announcement

It has been brought to our attention that several employees of The Journal have made one or more indelicate posts on their individual Twitter accounts. As a result, Managing Editor Steve Bosell has immediately fired the following individuals:

Craig Bernard, Head Writer



Hugh Patrick Sfanbut



Mr. Bosell has also fired Mr. Blonde, 14Grogan, and Sofascout1, which was difficult, as the don’t really work here.

These individuals were terminated thanks to a successful lobbying effort via a WordPress blog post by a Mr. Scott Kacsmar, a 33 year old man living in Pennsylvania.

Also thanks to Mr. Kacsmar’s yeomanlike effort, we are pleased to announce the hiring of PatriotsSBLII and scortes cortes, whoever he is. Due to the recent discoveries of their Twitter posting histories, we feel they are great additions and deeply aligned with our core values. (Neither writer is presently aware of their employment here.)

We expect no interruptions in the high-quality content you have come to expect from BJBSJ.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/26

Performing an after-hours freelance necropsy on the Sports Shark, and cataloguing the stomach contents…

It’s like that old baseball saying goes; you can’t win the division, or the first Wild Card spot, or the second Wild Card spot in June, but you can lose the division, or the first Wild Card spot, or the second Wild Card spot in June. Only in baseball.

Some pretty ticky-tack penalties in that USWNT game, IMO. But a W is a W.

I don’t care how you spell it, that Marc James is a Capital ‘T’ talent.

I’m starting to wonder if Kyrie Irving wants to stay here after his latest Instagram post where he demanded ‘a better TD Garden video tribute than Isaiah Thomas got when he comes back next season with his new team.’ Weird.

Can you BELIEVE the voting for the All-Star Game? I know!

Does anyone know if there’s a listing of Harvard Alumni Venmo accounts? Asking for a friend.

Why doesn’t the claymation Bob’s Discount Furniture Guy have the same voice has the real life Bob’s Discount Furniture Guy? He did his own commercials for 30 years, we know what he sounds like. And that ain’t it.

I project Bruins draftee John Beecher to pot many a lovely wrister. Lordy!

Doris Burke is an American treasure. There, I said it.

Hyvästi means ‘goodbye’ in Finnish. So Hyvästi to you, and good luck, NESN’s Alex Kraemer.

Is it just me, or does it feel like the sun’s been setting later lately?

Color me surprised that the Minifans were so quickly able to acclimate themselves into being part of the Stoolie Auxiliary.

Someone as talented as Mark James deserves a larger audience. He does!

Just observed the 10th Anniversary of the untimely death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Oh, and also Farrah Fawcett. To quote a coachman; “Farrah hadn’t been overshadowed like this since the Charlie’s Angels episode where Jaclyn Smith wore that white bikini.”

Is anyone besides me disappointed there wasn’t an overrated NHL Draft prospect named Puk Puk who had to wait an uncomfortably long time in the green room before being drafted? No? Just me? Okay.

Is there some weirdo corner of the internet where Aaron Rodgers partisans unconvincingly argue against Peyton Manning fans as to which one is the GOAT?

Looks like the Mindy Kaling-penned Amazon flick ‘Late Night‘ may not make back it’s advertising budget. Shame on you, Boston Globe.

Nice weekend to go down to the pond and chase bluegills and tommycods.

Add Wyoming State Lady Porcupines center fielder Mercedes Murphy to my list of Favorite Sports Names.

I sincerely hope ‘Reporter Evan’ Drellich succeeds in becoming the Alyssa Milano of his ‘Be Caring to Sportswriters’ hashtag campaign. #BeCaringToSportswriters

Did some checking, and was relived to find that Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski isn’t out buying NESN employees Lexus SUV’s instead of paying for a closer. Whew!

But we still need a closer.

Enjoy your retirement Bob Ley. But feel free to stop by and delivery me a stern lecture anytime..pal.

Corgis are strange-looking dogs. But well-tempered.

A whole lot of networks and channels and whatnot are eventually going to look real stupid not realizing what a talented person Marck James is.

Amity, as you know, means ‘friendship.’

Honk if you remember the (un-vandalized) Reverse Curve sign.

Best bet this weekend? Yankees (and yanks) in London.


John Tomase’s Morbid Hat Collection

The ‘Worm” NASA Cap. They stopped making them, you know.

The hat hangs in the back hall alongside a dozen others, faded but still shockingly blue. I don’t wear it much anymore, but I’ve never considered tossing it, either. It has survived nearly 35 years of moves, from middle school to high school to college to apartments and finally a house.

I see it every day coming and going, and it invariably sparks the same visceral sadness and the same thought: 150,000 pieces of equipment – each bought from the lowest bidder.

That’s an admittedly strange thing to think when looking at a NASA hat, but this isn’t any NASA hat.

It is my Christa McAuliffe hat, and 33 years ago today, it transformed from a symbol of hope and possibility into a talisman of unspeakable sadness and tragedy.

Christa. And Ellison, and Judy and Ron, and then some other regular white guys.

You needn’t have been standing at the bus stop in your NASA hat that morning 33 years ago like me when my friend George relayed the devastating news to recognize the impact of his death on the country. But all these years later, what’s hard to understand unless you were there is how profoundly we felt that loss.

Each detail that emerged about the Challenger crew’s final hours made us want to stop time and undo any one of about 20 bad decisions, as if reading and re-reading the details would allow us to spot the moment when they could retroactively be saved.

I never did toss the hat. I wore it throughout high school and college, and I still occasionally wear it today. There are Facebook photos of me wearing it in 1988 and 1995, and I’ve donned it least once in every one of the last 33 years. I’m wearing it now as I type. 

Our Teacher-Astronaut. So Sad.

We had lost spacemen before, of course, in training accidents and the ‘Apollo 3’, Chappie, White, and Grissom  But the losses sting just as severely and can leave an even more lasting impression. 

No loss has proven more enduring, however, than McAuliffe. I’m 46 now, and every time I look at that hat, I feel the same pangs of sorrow that wracked me at 13. What if shuttle Challenger had survived? How much longer might manned spaceflight have continued? Would STS-51’s brush with death have scared NASA straight enough to prevent a similar tragedy to shuttle Columbia in 2002? How many missions might Christa have flown? What kind of life might she lived? What kind of astronaut might she be?

No two words haunt us more than, “What if?” and for my generation, anyway, Christa embodies the existential despair of that question like no one else.

Those thoughts and so many more flash every time I look at that hat, weathered and faded, hanging by my back door.

So why keep it?

Because some things are worth holding on to.

first in a continuing series.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/19

Sorting the drawer into ‘reporting’ and ‘opinion’ piles…

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors. And a reminder that actual velociraptors were turkey-sized. Well, they were!

A 17 inning game? My word! When did the Red Sox get back to their hotel?

Anthony Davis to be a Laker, and no longer a Pel. What are you gonna do?

2011 aside, the Bruins seem destined to act as a local reminder of how hard it can be to win a championship series.

That ‘necessary reminder’ job used to be the NE Revolution’s fate. Perhaps it shall be again, and more. Here’s to a bit more success to them over their next 25 years.

Boy, that Somerville mayor really wants Kirk Minihane’s podcast to succeed!

That said, there still remains a chance that the Kirk to Barstool Sports thing winds up as a trainwreck.

News Item: Rare Blue Lobster Sent to Cape Cod Restaurant to Be Donated to St. Louis Aquarium. A nice gesture. Hopefully now people will stop calling Boston racist.

As a writer, John Rooke is a good public address announcer.

David Ortiz in ‘good’ condition is great news. Keep upgrading, Big Papi.

Lou Merloni won’t have Al Horford to kick around anymore.

Waiting for mendacious muppet Ben Volin to re-pivot to ‘Okay, that was just my opinion’ as to the Nick Caserio situation down there in Foxboro.

Aloha means goodbye, Kyrie. Aloha.

Celtics have 3 first round picks, and most likely cap room with Irving and Horford gone, so of course everyone is invested in hanging crepe. Rick Pitino was right.

Now are Bobos a type of Honk, or a different thing altogether? I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to this.

I guess we’re released now from thinking Anna Horford’s tweets are interesting?

I’m hearing that the hacker who was prepared to release candid snaps of Bella Thorne before she preempted him is named George Glass.

I hear tell the worst part about steeping your guinea tea is leaving the plastic bag on.

You can call it the Travelers Championship, but it will always be The Greater Hartford Open to me.

Ahhhh! Carpenter bees!!!

Harrison Burton in the #18 Toyota is a face to watch in the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series.

A proposal, the United States switches to metric for real this time, if the rest of the world agrees to use clocks that count down and not up in soccer.

That Carla Gugino can still stretch a dress.

Did the Baha Men ever get to the bottom of that whole thing?

Boston still misses Len Bias.

Honk if you remember Coffee Connection.

Best bet for this weekend? Chris Sale vs the Blue Jays.


Cleaning Out the Sports Junk Drawer 6/12

Cleaning out the drawer wearing white gloves like that odd Stanley Cup chaperone guy…

Ballplayer Helps Heal City. City Helps Ballplayer Heal. Nice symmetry. Only in Baseball.

Maybe Christian Fauria should have declared Chara to be ‘Dunzo’, as opposed to ‘Doneski?’ (shrug)

So. The Beyhive. They seem nice.

Would the L.A. Lakers undropped-from-the-rafters balloons from 1969 fit inside that St. Louis bar tabbed Sunday to host the Blues Stanley Cup Final Victory celebration?

Why not just ASK the Bruins if you can be Banner Captain Kevin Paul Dupont? The worst they can say is no.

Hey City of Boston, howsabout *doubling* the width of the bicycle lanes, so that handicapped bicyclists have space on the street too?

You know, I do believe the Red Sox need a dedicated new closer. There; I said it.

I’m 95% certain ‘Dack Edzo’ was a supporting character in the Star Wars prequels.

City on a Hill three word review: Needs More Kevins.

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for winning the French Open. Unless it was one of the other two men’s tennis players who won. Not sure.

It’s Jack Easterby’s world. We’re just living in it.

You know who was happy about all that tree pollen? Car washes! And probably the trees, too, come to think of it.

Hey gang, now David Ortiz has a Dominican Death Certificate to go with his Dominincan Birth Certificate!

Too soon?

Doesn’t it seem like Flag Day comes earlier every year?

News Item: Bill Belichick cancels last two mandatory Patriots OTA’s. So much for the “No Days Off” “Patriot Way”, huh? Smdh.

MBTA should spin all the recent train derailments as being part of a suicide prevention initiative.

It’s officially MIAA Boys Lacrosse State Championship SZN.

You’re better than that, Toronto. Or at least better than Boston, according to Wokeness Point Acquisition Lady on Twitter.

Upton Bell is atypically competent in using his block button feature on Twitter. More’s the pity.

FIFA Women’s World Cup? yes, FIFA Women’s World Cup!

Whiskey Cavalier gets cancelled, but Blood & Treasure premieres. When a door closes, a window opens.

Announcing that you’re the fan of another MLB team, but still wish Big Papi a speedy recovery seems unnecessarily superfluous to me. Like the ‘unnecessarily’ in the previous sentence.

A little birdie tells me Brooks Koepka is one to watch at the U.S. Open this weekend.

For some, NORK refers to North Korea, but to me, it will always stand for ‘North Andover’s Rob Konrad.’

Go beat Finland now (so to speak) and finish the job, Bruins.

It’s always nice to know there’s a Godzilla movie in the theaters.

Old and busted: 53 man roster projections. New Hotness? 45 Man Roster Projections!

I think the Red Sox would play better if they could hear the disappointment in Joe Castiglione’s voice like the rest of us.

Honk if you remember Sweeney’s Gay Nineties.

Best bet this weekend? USWNT.


Errata and Apology

It has been brought to our attention that the David Ortiz Special Commemorative Edition Jersey for sale at the BJBStoreJ contains an error. To wit, that Boston Red Sox home jerseys historically do not have player names stitched onto the back. We at The Journal regret the error. Although one could argue the mistake actually makes the jersey *more* valuable, like a misprinted postage stamp or double stamped coin. Nevertheless, we will not increase the price of the jersey.

(Thank you’s to eagle-eyed readers like Mr. Luka Paulus of UniformMaven Blog for first noticing the error and calling it to our attention.)