BJBSJ Exclusive: Ravens360 EXPOSES Nefarious Activity

“We saw the sidelines, you’re in big fucking trouble”


The previous week has been a tour de force of Patriots grave dancing. The mainstream NFL media has sure had fun doing cartwheels predicting how many games Bill Belichick will be suspended for having nothing to do with a TV production. Tom Brady is packing up his Eddie Bauer suitcase for Tennessee preparing to be suspended again for being generally aware of a documentary entitled “Do Your Job’, which films Patriots staffers in their everyday proceedings. Meanwhile, while the entire free world has been singing the praises of a Bengals security guard whose phrase “The damage is done, my friend” has become the next “I’m Sorry To This Man” meme, BJBSJ’s own WWIIFelger has uncovered a shocking revelation.


The Baltimore Ravens are CHEATY MCCHEATERSONS.


So not only do you get sideline photos clearer than any Instagram filter but you can actually match up with plays and personal groupings all in one shot. Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for fireations?? As long as Ravens360 continues this will be ongoing. Especially considering the Ravens’ long history. Release the tapes. If you’re innocent, there should be nothing to fear, right?

Remember, BJBSJ will continue to have it first. Always. Never go to a racist millenial intern from a local news station who steals content from BJBSJ to get his follower count up. Always go directly to the source. And pass Go. And collect $200.


SZN of Choice: The Players or The Radio Men

Ever since he was traded from football purgatory also known as the Detroit Lions in the middle of the 2016 season, Kyle Van Noy has certainly made a name for himself as a Patriot. Not only has he become one of the most dependable defensive players, he’s also become a fan favorite. One of the pivotal reasons for this is his willingness to go after the mediots, both local and national, for things they say about them. Some folks may confuse this act for being sensitive to criticism, but you can’t react to something that isn’t said about you, especially when you’re in the public eye.

And that brings us to why I’ve gathered you all here today. Criticizing an athlete for not living up to expectations (either perceived or not) is fine, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. But when you go on a radio show where your ONLY objective is to troll your audience (some of which actually like that, Sideshow Bob groan here) and start assassinating the character of a person who have NEVER MET IN PERSON, you are a hypocrite and a disgusting, vile sack of crap. Enter Felger & Mazz on 98.5. Both of them have seemingly attacked KVN on multiple occasions ever since he arrived in Foxboro.

Naturally Van Noy got word of these comments being made about him, and he responded. Not once, but twice.

15 minute mark here.

He also went on First Take with Sony Michel after the Super Bowl to defend his team and his QB from award-winning hater extraordinaire and former fake boxer/rapper Max Kellerman.

Which then prompted Mr. Sensitivity Rich Teeth to call KVN sensitive for going on a show. Make that make sense.

But that apparently hasn’t been enough to stop the attacks on him. Watch what happened just 2 weeks ago!

Oh, and the vitrol isn’t limited to Van Noy. And the person doling it out isn’t limited to Tweedle Doo and Tweedle Dumb. “Big fan” (who also blocks anyone on Twitter for even breathing a disagreement) Gym Murray also participates in the pile on.

The most miserable clowns on the face of the earth. THEY are what runs this town. Well, let me show you some examples of the kind of people they are talking about.

Back to Van Noy. Kyle and wife Marissa are both co-founders of the Van Noy Valor Foundation, which, according to their website, “encourages personal valor in the lives of adopted children, those in foster care and disadvantaged youth by armoring them with success through resources, mentors and opportunities.”

Because of this commitment to giving back to the community, Van Noy was recognized by the Patriots by giving him the 2019 Ron Burton Community Service Award.

And if you’re one of those people who think like the above lemmings, let this video give you a clue on how respected and adored he is here.

So now, ladies and gents, with all of this evidence at your disposal and the tale of the tape rolled out….

Which side are you on? Who ya got? Athletes who not only give it their all on the field for your favorite football team but give their all to the towns in which they play by providing help and services that would be otherwise non-existent, or tattooed bald eunuchs, fat slobs who gamble and claim they play tennis, and old white men who cover themselves in napkins in 60 degree weather?


Broken BlueCheckmarks Bulletin – 2nd Edition: Brown Aftermath, Staredown Vigil

This logo might as well be their brains.

Well, that was fast wasn’t it? In the few weeks since our last edition of the BBCB we saw two Patriots games, one with a #17 and one without. We saw journalists who assault cab drivers for fun get praised effusively from his fellow journalists for taking down accused and not convicted sex offender. And we saw a sports reporter who passed away and then was resurrected all due to a stare from a head coach in power. There are plenty of scabs to pick at in the Twitterverse on these topics, but let’s focus on one in particular.

The stare heard ’round the world that killed a woman and propelled an entire army of media sycophants to honor her even if she didn’t ask.

Ten minutes before the start of the Jets/Patriots game CBS Sports’ Dana Jacobson did the pre-game interview no one likes where you get no information and cliched responses. Naturally, she wanted to ask about Antonio Brown (as was probably stressed by a producer or higher up) and naturally Belichick did what he did. “We’re focused on the Jets”. Two professionals doing their duties. No harm no foul right? Not on the logical, fair website/application known as Twitter. First the ending of the interview was framed as a “death stare”. Second cousin to “death panels”.

And that is where the fireworks started. Get ready. The brains are about to be broken. And the vigil is about to begin. RIP Dana Jacobson. Put up your candles. Alexa, play Sarah McLachlan, “I Will Remember You”.

Ahhh, yes. You’re going to see this word a lot in this bulletin. “Accountable” and “accountability”. And I love her using the word “slinked”. What, did he bend and go down the stairs like a Slinky?


Another buzzword that you’ll notice a pattern of usage here: INTIMIDATE. Please don’t do any drinking games with these words. BJBSJ does not recommend drinking and driving. Or drinking and tweeting for that matter. Although it is good fodder for this.

Here comes Jane again. Jane stop this crazy thing.

This is very rich coming from a woman who works at a company who has been recently sued for sexual harassment allegations. Not to mention being in business with someone who made sexist comments to one of its hosts.

“If people didn’t care about his job he wouldn’t have a job” is the funniest thing I have heard since people pronouncing “Reeses” Peanut Butter Cups as “REE-SEYS”. Get it together folks.

You had to know Ms. Cancelled ESPN Show had to get in on the beat-up-on-Belichick action. Her “A Different World” parody was better than this tripe and it was the worst thing ever on TV. “Those in power” is another phrase you will see often. As if Belichick is in any type of power position in the shaping of our country. He coaches adult men to throw and catch an object. In case you didn’t know before.

I sure am glad this guy isn’t on TV anymore so he can break the glass. INTIMIDATION!!!!

H/T @bron_y_aurstmp

PEOPLE IN POWER!!! DRI—-oh wait.

It’s one of the biggest stories!!!! Now click on my Bleacher Report article that will be separated into 15 slideshow pictures.

Oh boy how is this for hypocritical? This guy went on WEEI and called an athlete’s 6 year old daughter (the same athlete that has given that station and everyone who works there their entire career) a sniveling little pissant. And then went on Instagram wearing a shirt with that saying on it. This guy also blackmailed a coworker by threatening to go public with personal information if he didn’t get more airtime on the station. Yet he is giving opinions on who has carried themselves terribly? Gee.


Beaver Teeth over here calling Belichick a petulant child over the computer screen. Something he would never do in person of course.

All set? Is that a new thing the millennials say?

Local sports anchor advocates violence and then when confronted on it…

We know what you meant Mark. BECAUSE YOU SAID IT. You work for a station owned by Disney. I wonder what Disney would think about your not-so-family-friendly remarks.

Another triggered local sports anchor. No wonder the news business is being taken over by…well….Twitter.

Well we know Mr. Turner won’t be getting an ESPN job anytime soon. They do still speak English over there, right?

Already talked about the hypocrisy of ESPN employees on this topic.

Shout out to this outrage profiteer extraordinaire who cut a 2 minute audio congratulatory ball wash for known sexual harasser Mike Tirico. Talk about having zero respect for yourself and others. You go girl!

I’m spent. After all this fussing, you would think the person in the center of the action, Ms. Jacobson herself would be upset as well. Well, not so much. In fact, not at all. BAH GAWD! THAT’S DANA’S MUSIC! SHE’S ALIVE!!!

Bravo to you Dana for being as professional as you are and for confronting the perceived “issue” head on. Hope you had an incredible wedding!

Watch this space for another BlueCheck Bulletin. Hopefully it won’t be as extensive as this one. But whenever the Patriots or Boston is involved, it usually means a lot of tears and sadness and despair and irrational hate and venom from the rest of the world. BJBSJ will be here to sum it all up for you.


Broken BlueCheckmarks Bulletin – Antonio Brown Edition: Part 1

Those 11 words were the catalyst of what will forever be known to the Patriot fanbase as the #BlueCheckMeltdown day. September 7th, 2019. The day the Patriots officially broke NFL Twitter and their souls collectively. No matter how you may feel that this lightning rod of a wide receiver named Antonio Brown will be wearing the Flying Elvis circa 9/9/2019, the endless supply of butthurt will give you life parallel to photosynthesis on plants. Now it is quite predictable and understandable that layman fans would have a problem with this, and even try to play Moulder & Scully on the Interwebz by insinuating foul play on the part of the Patriots and AB. But it is quite another thing to see people who are being monetarily compensated to report sports news (and be unbiased) absolutely lose their fucking shit over this story. So come with me down the Blue Brick Road of Tears and grab your umbrella and ponchos. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Hmmmm…interesting. (hi, TennisBallHead Volin) This sure sounds like he’s accusing the Patriots of a major rules violation…he must certainly be able to provide some proof of tampering, you know being such a Big J Journalist. Oh, he can’t? Never mind.

Dead serious here: you think he wrote this Tweet to promote his podcast that nobody listens to? Oh wait! Here’s the answer!

ABP. Always. Be. Promotin’.

Image result for think of the children gif

Because if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that athletes are our only role models in society. I wonder what Mr. Antennas-For-Ears thought about Tyreek Hill getting an expension from the Chiefs? Or Kareem Hunt getting swooped up by the Browns? I’d say if your kids are in any way affected by a grown man on the teevee, you suck at parenting. That was my Dr. Phil moment of the day.

Ahh, this one is a gem. The NY Rag certainly isn’t one to hide their disdain for all things red, silver and blue. Deserve hell sounds something out of an M. Night Shamacrap movie. Not a lot else to be happy about in The City That Needs To Go To Sleep. For example…


Local sports man who gets 5 minute segment towards the end of local newscast has thoughts on things. Are you pretty much irrelevant on a national scale? Need some attention? Just talk about the Patriots! It’s a winning formula to get you the clickz ‘n viewz you need to get your 3 seconds of “fame”.

Last one for this edition (that’s right, there are so many brains that have been broken by this saga that this will be a 2, maybe 3 parter, watch this space). And this one comes to us for Mr. Preacher of the Church of Holier-Than-Thou, Tony Dungy.

A guy who hates people of another sexual orientation (one that his own son happened to be which may have been the cause of his untimely death) is telling the general public about AB. The same guy who had a WR on his team who was a drug kingpin, and a murderer. What a sanctimonious fraud. Everything he says is hypocritical trash.

That’s all for now. The Bulletin is now turning into an anthology. More crazy Tweets to come!


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Now we’re going CRAZY!!!!

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The Triumvirate of Terrible

When these three are the best your network has to offer, it’s time to blow the whole thing up and start over.

BTW, if you were curious which you weren’t, that board Mazz was holding had the number 10 on it. Meaning Mazz thinks Chris Sale deserves ALL of the blame for the Sox’s slow start. Clean up all that blood from you pounding your head on the desk.


MisTreat Yourself with Big Gym

“Hay @bigjimmurray could you whack yourself with one ‘a ‘dose bottles over dere?”

Here at #BJBSJ we suffer for our craft. You the reader want the best of the worst, and we deliver. No one else in the area (or the world) is willing to sacrifice 2 hours of their time (and sanity) to watch an upstart web series hosted by a sportz radio update reader. Well, we watched so you didn’t have to. At all. And trust us, you shouldn’t.

Consider this your RottenTomatoes-ish spoiler-filled guide to “Treat Yourself”. This might be a bit long, so brace yourself. Just don’t kill yourself. The pain is going to ease in on you like a gas bubble gurgling in your stomach.

So every episode begins with a radio being turned to……yep! You guessed it! 98.5!

Because non-mouthbreathers need to know what slapdick radio station you are from.

Every episode also begins with “TREAAAAAT YOURSELF” said in a funny, not-really-annoying-but-so-annoying-you-want-to-pull-your-ears-out-of-their-sockets way! Like one episode where you’re taken back to the 80s and you hear Madonna’s “Express Yourself” but really you hear “TREAT YOURSELF”!

The first show kicks off with Big Gym struggling to get across why he wanted to do a YouTube show in the first place. Nerves are a normal thing especially when you do something unfamiliar or new. But, when you are a semi-unpopular score reader on a radio show, it should come natural to….talk. He then gets arrogant and starts to say that the local restaurants should BACK OFF on asking him to recommend their place, because he knows this show will be such a hit, they will be begging him to do it.

Now for the recommendations. Your usual hangout bars and spots to go to before a Bs or Cs game. But he refers to this sign as a “warm glow of electric sex”. Huh?

He reviews Halftime Pizza in Boston, but uses this picture to show how appetizing their food looks. 🤢

Pass the napkins. And then, insert a typical guy from Boston to say how good the place is. How much did you get paid for this my guy?

The second episode is all about steak! The thing that 100% of his viewers and listeners absolutely can’t afford! (Unless the steak has an -umm next to it) But “Treat Yourself!!”

He starts off by trying to explain to the masses why there was a month delay between episodes 1 and 2. Because the masses were clamoring. And when we say masses we mean one massive dummy.

He blames the long hiatus (too long according to YouTube algorithms) on the Patriots’ “unexpected” run to a 6th Super Bowl title. Because in 30 days you can’t produce 5 minutes of content. “Episodes will be done on a more consistent basis.”

Please note that the time between episodes 2 and 3 was 2 and a half weeks!

Big Gym also brags about the first episode getting 3k views in a week. That first show now has 7k views and it’s been out for almost 3 months. Not good. Other channels that do similar things he does gets hundreds of thousands of views A DAY.

And now a shoutout to #BJBSJ colleague @PainDidntHurt and his Big Gym Blotters that you can find elsewhere on here. Big Gym running out of ideas, shows a bit of his menchies here.

Here’s a picture of an egg dish that, when referring to it he says, “Once ya break that yolks and it jizzes all over”. Appetizing, right??

Let’s show you one YouTube comment on this particular video. We’ll get to others later.

Is he? Not if he’s telling people to go to Grill 23. Let’s do a Google search and see how affordable Grill 23 is, huh?

Man of the people? Sure if those people are the President and Bob Kraft.

Thankfully the last episode is the shortest of the first three. It’s all about something else the common man can afford…..ART! But he’s so lazy that he outsources the entire episode to an old WFNX DJ. So it isn’t even about art that he likes.

But here’s the best part. At the end of watching this tortuous show, he asks people to give him their addresses so he can send them gift cards. He doesn’t say where to or what for.

And now to what you’ve not been waiting for….the YouTube comments!!! (See if you notice a theme here, and see if you notice a repeat commenter or two.) I recommend taking a nice shower before reading these.

To finish off one comment of zen.

Thank you Dave Nice. It is now time to wash these eyeballs out and use a Men In Black memory eraser.

If you want the live Instant reaction here is the link to that thread.


Watching the Unwatchable, Part 2, Electric Boogaloo


Yes, ladies and germs, I know what you’re saying. I can hear you. But it’s that time again. Time to dig into the wonderful world that is the Felger and Mazz Off-Air show on Facebook. For those of you unaware, Facebook and its other entities were having major outages recently. I kind of wish that outage deleted all their posts so I’d have an excuse not to do this again. But I had a two week break so I should be well prepared to watch this. Or so I thought.

I watched two of these and the first one was the one with a bunch of gems. I only chose two clips from this one because the rest was just a “feel-sorry for-and-also-proud-of-me” fest from Felgy about how much he didn’t mind not talking about the Robert Kraft scandal.

Take a gander at this first clip though. And after you watch it, put your eyebrow down. It causes wrinkles. Felger actually says out of his mouth that if his boss tells him he isn’t supposed to talk about or say something, that he doesn’t say it! He’s “The People’s Talk Show Host”!

I wonder if his boss, Mike Thomas or his former owners, CBS (now Beasley Media) told him not to say this….you know, AFTER HE SAID IT.

Was he fired after that horrendous comment? Nope! He’s still doing crappy Facebook Live videos among other things.

And here’s something that will totally knock the socks off your feet (it won’t). The two jackasses are DYING, HOPING, PRAYING to talk about another Patriots “cheating scandal”. Felger hopes he wouldn’t be told to hold off if one happened. (BTW, 98.5 just extended their contract with the Patriots, so that tells you how much they care about what is said about them at 1 Patriot Place, even if it means a character assassination or two.)

This last one. Well before I show you the clip, #BJBSJ has shown you the recent history of 98.5 and #ThePlayer. And you have already seen what crazy and asinine things randos will ask Large Gym about on a regular basis on Twitter.  Now put those things in the back of your mind when you watch this clip.

“HE DOESN’T REALLY HAVE AN AFRO.” Yes because black people all have afros as if they are straight out of Soul Train and talk in “jive” like JJ from Good Times. Oh, and a nice David Price shot for good measure.

Once again, we watch this crap so you don’t have to. At all. In total that was about 40 minutes of total chaos and calamity that I cut down to about 3 minutes.

Mark Zuckerberg, if you love me, you’ll shut down their account for good so I don’t have to keep doing this. But if not, I will try.


Ok, OK, fine, Yoda.



Watching the Unwatchable, Part 1


So that’s how it began. A not so random conversation between #BJBSJ correspondents talking about Large Gym Murray and the manner in which he blocks people on Twitter who even so much as likes a Tweet that makes fun of him. It has turned into…well…this.


10 minutes of your trusty blogger watching the most uninteresting, displeasing, inaccurate drivel ever published on social media. Believe it or not, 10 minutes is actually the SHORTEST Facebook Live that the 3 Dunces have done since someone had the stupid idea to allow this to happen. So, thankfully I don’t have too much content to work with….this week.


What I do have is two clips that are the epitome of cringe and outright bullshit all rolled into one. The “topic” was about the Oscars, believe it or not. Large Gym waltzes in with his heavy jacket like he’s about to climb Mount Everest. Felger and Murray begin to rail all over how much movies this year sucked and blew.


Now this first clip will make you throw up, and will probably make Mrs. Underwood-Felger do her best Captain Kirk facepalm. Felger pretty much verbally takes off his pants and jizzes over Emma Stone. Ms. Stone I would advise a restraining order STAT.



Me too. And for this last clip, Large Gym raves about how short the Oscars were without a host, and then…….get this……….compares the OSCARS, a program seen by over 100 million people that takes over 300 people to put together, to FELGER AND MAZZ. The reach here will have your jaw fall straight to the ground.


“You’re in, you’re out, no pleasantries”

So basically this is Large Gym on all his dates:


You know, now that I think about it, that is a good description of the entire Boston sports radio conglomerate.

Well, that’s it for this week. Once again, thank Hades for the fact that this was one of their shorter Facebook Lives. I have yet to dig into the back episodes of this mess. I also have yet to read through their comment section, but that would be like asking to be pushed off the Grand Canyon with a Ginsu knife. I’m not sure whether I should put myself through that or just wait until the next episode. Pray for me. But, I’ll be watching this on a regular basis now so you don’t have to. At all.


Do you know who Marc(k) James is??? He’s on “NETWORK TV!!!”

Great Value Hot Taker and predator to Women everywhere Marc James on the set of NESN showing off his crappy cut because reasons.

Marc Benarzyk (wouldn’t YOU change your last name to James if you had one like that too?) has been suspended TWICE from NESN. The first time was because he was verbally shot down by a woman (probably not the first time for him) and proceeded to stalk her repeatedly.


There is nothing more pathetic than a X-list celebrity going “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!” just to get a little somethin’-somethin’. Especially when he says this:


NESN is a local sports cable channel only available in the New England area or if you pay for a streaming service. Not exactly “NETWORK TV!!!”

BJBSJ had the exclusive on the next time Dollar Tree Takez Man was suspended.

Wonder if that producer happened to be of the opposite sex? He’s already been thrown around media markets like a trout in a Seattle fish market.

Unfortunately he was only suspended for a week in the first case. But that didn’t stop Joe and the boys over at WEEI from picking him up and giving him the mic. He fits in with Pissant Alex Reimer and all the other 2 bit jocks, so why not? Once he’s on the mic though, he says things like this:


Scumbag predator throwing smears at players and coaches? That’s the Boston sports media way! Don’t worry, you won’t find the audio anywhere. It’s probably scrubbed. Thanks Mr. Zambrano!