life is fragile

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Stop mansplaining death to me. My grandmother died when I was 3 and Johny Pesky also died. I’ve been dropping tears for years.

Through out my life, (insert deceased person who I have never mentioned before in my life) has always encompassed all of my personal beliefs and I’ve always loved (him/her/them). I’m broken.

(Add sloppily fitting anecdote)

(Profit? Doesn’t matter. Dad has the bill)

(Something something something Brock Holt’s kid)

(A bunch of words, something, more words, Mitch Moreland and Devers looks young)

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The Media Mazz of the Week!

Media Mazz of the Week!

The triumphant, long overdue return of the Media Mazz of the Week! will not happen today.

We, the BJBSJ Interns, know there are are going to be people that are not supportive of this situation, and that’s fine. If that means you unfollow us, be our guest. We just don’t think at this time, with the situation going on in this country, we can in good conscience, poke fun at, or speak poorly of, the true heroes of this moment, the sports media.

The sports media has reacted amazingly during this difficult time. The athletes and coaches that actually boycotted, or striked, or struck, or protested, or whatever, are fortunate to bask in the reflected glow of the sports media. Woj, Shams, Woj again, I can go on. The tweets and retweets and supportive logrolling between media was utterly heartwarming.

And to denigrate these virtual firefighters, the media, would be, at this time, wrong. As wrong as making a snap decision based on 20 seconds of context-free portrait mode cell phone camera video. So there will be no awarding of the Media Mazz of the Week today. It is the least we could do.

Signed- The interns.

No Mazz today. Sorrey!

Fo Shizzle My Douchenozzle

He’s fascinated by hip-hop. And racism.

Bedard Steps ‘N’ It.

A mere 619 days after Greg Bedard promised to get to the bottom of his employment of racist n-word purveyor Mike Loyko, the embattled proprietor of hyperlocal Boston Sports Journal finds himself in a similar tar baby of a predicament.

In an exchange with Mike “Surfer Girl” Giardi, (it’s okay if you’ve never heard of him) Greg saw fit to respond to a Tweet with the phrase “fo shizzle my nizzle” a phrase popularized by Snoop Dogg. For the unfamiliar, the “nizzle” in question is a bastardization of the big kahuna of racial epithets. Even if we forgive Greg for his ignorance on this front (we don’t) using it in the colloquial “fo” at this moment in America is, at best, racist as fuck.

Whispers from trusted sources indicate Bedard may have been fired by the Las Vegas Review Journal for racially insensitive comments and behavior.

BSJ? More like WTF.

Requests for comment from Duron Harmon were not returned by the time this article went to print.



Roar! DinoBob Has Opinion!

ROAR! Bill Russell greatest winner-take-all American athlete! Roar!

(As told to Barrold Mudge, BJBSJ Intern)

ROAR! Ryanasaurus Rex here! Have opinions that are inarguable and non negotiable! YOUR dumb opinions come from youth, or ignorance, or both!

ROAR!! Fan voting for Patriots Hall of Fame bad idea; like internet, or mammals! Roar!! I not even LIKE football, nasty fungus of game! You place GuntMan in Hall because Ryanasaurus tell you to do so! He make Patriots credible! He save team! He make sportswriters laugh! He invent forward pass!! 18,000 season tickets in 1992! Say no more! Roar!!

ROAR!! You no let Parcells in Hall right now, he have to wait 65 million years for next chance! NO FAIR, him have wait! I speak, you listen! I tell you how to fan! You are NOT what your record says you are if it convenient for DinoBob Ryanasaurus Rex! Me king, you subjects! I no fear skyrocks!! ROAR!!!

Barrold Mudge is a BJBSJ Intern. He attends Bunker Hill Community College.


The NFL All Sentence Team

So in the spirit of Trup and Castig;

Head Coach: Al Groh

Offense (Coordinator: Jerry Burns)

QB: Tony Banks (until Jalen Hurts is drafted)

RB: Carlos Hyde

FB: Larry Centers

WR: Stefon Diggs

WR: Tyler Lockett

TE: Jarod Cook

T: Josh Sitton

G: Ben Grubbs

C: Tom Nalen

T: Doug Free

G: Brian Waters

Defense (Coordinator: Dean Pees)

DE: Jabaal Sheard

DE: Whitney Mercilus

DT: Pat Sims

DT: Johnny Jolly

LB: Brooks Reed

LB: Akeem Dent

LB: Jordan Tripp

CB: Randall Gay

CB: Shawn Springs

S: Tre Flowers

S: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix


PK: Jim Turner

P: John Kidd Harry Newsome

LS: Brett Goode

Your thoughts? Is there a glaring omission? Let us know in the comments!

Compiled by the BJBSJournal Interns. Follow them on Twitter at @bjbsI


Area Dullard Finds Women ‘Fun’, But Not Interesting

Giant dummy-head and adjective challenged hobbit Ben Volin, Senior NFL writer for the Boston Globe, has a problem. Well, lots of problems, one of which is an over-reliance on using the word ‘interesting’. We have mocked it here earlier:

Why then does he prefer a different descriptor for the work of his Globe collegue Nora Princiotti?

Once could be happenstance. Twice? Coincidence. But three times looks like condescension. It’s, as they say, a Bad Look.

Also a bad look? This.

Jonatha Firestone is a BJBSJ Intern.


We. Are. Essential.

BJBSJournal. If not us, who? If not now, when?

During this time of crisis and uncertainty, I am honored to be allowed this opportunity to thank you for being a loyal reader of BJBSJ, and to share with you what we are doing to keep delivering our reporting and opinion in the manner in which you have become accustomed.

Much of the Editorial Staff has been moved to off-site secure locations, be it either their individual homes or the closest Regional Redoubt. Our writers and stringers are prepared to continue to file remotely. And we few, we happy few remaining interns wish to thank Managing Editor Steven Bosell for allowing us to shelter in place at the BJBSJ Offices. The Merrimack Valley is lovely.

Even with the COVID-19 related disruptions to sports and popular culture, the past two weeks have shown no shortage of bad sports media takes, be they hot takes, or #coldandgross takes. BJBSJ will stand and challenge those takes, virus or no virus, games or no games.

Thank you again, and know that we are #AloneTogether in this. Stout hearts.

Jonatha Firestone, BJBSJ Intern



Long time skimmer, first time writer… As something between a completely legitimate and totally fake consumer advocacy journalist, I felt compelled to make you, the reader, aware of an issue that recently came across my desk (read: my twitter feed).

It was noted that Miguel, the resident cap expert at the Boston Sports Journal, no longer lists the Boston Sports Journal in his twitter profile page.  This piqued my interest so I went straight to the source and found he was still listed on the BSJ’s “Our Staff” tab. 

It is still there as of publication, right below Greg, a doctor and a Conor.  Despite this, when you follow his link, there are no posts under his byline since October 2019.  Curious!

I decided to approach BSJ founder, owner, writer, editor, background checker and recently rehired contributor Greg Bedard about this alleged  disconnect between what subscribers are paying for versus what they are getting.

In the interest of journalistic fairness, I gave Greg the opportunity to clarify Miguel’s role without calling it out. 

This didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere so I asked more directly. 

I mean it would have been quicker…

Since Greg is a very busy person and didn’t have the time to reply to me for a 4th time, I decided to take him up on the offer to address the question via email.  I was immediately met with skepticism, as apparently whether I am a subscriber or not is relevant as to whether he currently staffs a content producer who his site claims is on staff.

I attempted to clarify to Greg that in order to decide whether I want to pay for a subscription, I would need to know what I am buying but that was met with further skepticism.

Email redacted to protect my source… me.

So Greg’s official answer on whether his subscribers, and prospective subscribers, are paying for access to Miguel’s exclusive content is apparently NO COMMENT.  Caveat Emptor.

This reporter certainly won’t speculate as to why answering a yes or no question is so difficult, but I certainly won’t dissuade others for doing so. Drop a line if you have the lowdown.

Editor note: As of publication, this reporter has been soft blocked by Mr. Bedard.





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